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Carnival Games

How To Plan A School Carnival

A great fall event for children is a school carnival. School carnivals are typically outdoor events (although they can be indoors as well) where children are able to run about and have a good time. These events typically have a wide range of entertainment options, including slides, inflatables, music, and more. Parents and...
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Carnival Party Tips

1) Choosing a Site for your Carnival When choosing a site, consider these things: access, parking, weather, terrain, scale, lighting, access to electricity, safety, city regulations and insurance. Access Make sure when you choose a location for your carnival, it is easily accessible by your guests. If it is held in a hard-to-find location, you may want to...
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Carnival Game Ideas

Going to a carnival is perhaps one of the most memorable and most fun experience a child will have during their formative years. It is one of the most perfect places in the eyes of a kid - where there are a lot of games and a lot of things to play with. Not to...
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Inexpensive Fun For any Party or Gathering

Birthday Parties are all about fun. Kids always want a great party, and the stakes continually raise as each year they expect a little more. Of course as the kids get older their expectations rise and rise. It used to be that a party was perfect if there was a nice cake with candles, some...
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