Frequently Asked Questions

Inflatables and Do It Yourself

Set up: Waterslide, Obstacle Course, Castles with slides and Moonbounces

Balloon Artistry for Corporate Events

  • Take Moonbounce and blower, extension cord and Stakes out of vehicle
  • Lay it on grassy area. If on cement lay tarp down first. No dirt surfaces please.
  • Undo straps (like undoing a belt)
  • There is a long hose or “tube” that you will see. Slip that tube over the mouth of the blower (much like putting a sock onto a foot.) Tie it on to the blower with the string that is attached to the tube.
  • Plug in the blower. We provide up to 100 feet of extension cord. Do not use any other cords but ours or you may blow the motor. Do not expose the blower to water.
  • Stake it down in opposite corners.


  • Blower stays on the whole time
  • DANGER Do not expose blower to water
  • Keep hose straight, do not kink
  • Use only as intended – no flips or crazy stunts, no climbing walls, no bouncing off walls, do not mix bigger people with little people
  • Use common sense
  • Do not set unit on dirt
  • Do not set up so unit will rub against tree, house, fence, etc.
  • No dogs, duct tape, silly string, food, shoes, water (except waterslide,) sharp objects, eyeglasses and keep the barbeque and fires at least 15 feet away from unit.

Important Notes

Moonbounce and waterslide notes: There is an opening to the right of the fill tube – keep it closed.

Waterslide notes: To setup and take down make sure you run the hose along the hoops on the edge of waterslide. Hoops are very easy to spot after inflated. Hose should end at the beginning of the slide. Hook hose onto your water spout. Pull slip n slide cover over length of unit.

Do not put water on any more than a sprinkle.

Castle notes: If slide won’t inflate. The slide has a tube that is velcroed onto the moonbounce. When the unit is rolled up the tube feeding air into the slide can get kinked. Simply resecure velcroed tube from slide to moonbounce and it will reinflate. The odds are low that this procedure will be necessary. If it happens it’s simple to fix.

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To roll up:

    • Unplug unit, letting it deflate flat.

Balloon Artistry for kids parties

    • Take out stakes and roll up cord. Put in car so you won’t forget them.
    • Pull all walls or color flat onto the floor of inflatable. Think flat.
    • Moonbounce or castles: if castle, pull slide over onto floor. Then for either moonbouncer or castle pull sides into center then fold in half and roll tightly towards the tube.

    • Waterslide or obstacle course: Pull all color flat onto floor. Fold in half and roll tightly toward the tube. If waterslide, try to dry out 1st by turning off water and leave inflated for 10 minutes with the slide cover pulled away from unit.Take water hose off.
    • Tuck in tube at end and any color, finish rolling tightly and put straps back on.

balloon artist

  • Put blower and unit back into the car. Do not drag the unit.If waterslide, it is best to transport in a pickup due to excess water, and don’t forget the hose.

For questions or bookings call (801) 523-0735 or email at