Other Rentals

AirDancerAir Dancer©

Trying to attract people to your event? Or have a fun, unique way to let people know they are at the right place for the party? Add some flair to your yard with AirDancer©, sure to attract the partygoers and make them smile! Blower is included. Style may vary.

25.00 for One day rental
Size: 4′ 5″
Delivery extra
Call now to reserve or inquire at (801) 523-0735

Bubble Machine

Bubble machine

Seriously, what do children like more than bubbles? Rent a bubble machine from All in Fun and watch as your guests run around and chase and try to pop bubbles for hours.

20.00 plus cost of bubbles.
Bubbles are 4.00 per half gallon.
Call now to reserve or inquire at (801) 523-0735


If you would like to hire an attendant for your party or event, we can help.  Hire an attendant for carnival games, concessions or tending to the safe use of an inflatable during your event. Our helpful staff will arrive in a festive uniform to bring more fun to your celebration.

100.00 for 1 to 4 hours.
Call now to reserve or inquire at (801) 523-0735

GeneratorGenerator Rental

If you are hosting an event at a location that does not provide electricity, we can help there too.  A generator provides electricity to be used for different things such as a bounce house or lighting.  Call today to reserve a generator for your next event.

75.00 plus gas.
Call now to reserve or inquire at (801) 523-0735

camelPonies, Petting Zoos, Nativity Animals or Camel Rental

Yes, take a walk on the wild side. Well kinda wild. Okay, a really tame unicorn,
western style pony or a camel who loves being petted, may seem wild to some, but this is awesome!

All bookings come with attendant.

Pony rental — from $200.00 per hour
Second pony – from $110.00 per hour
Add a wagon for the pony to pull — from $65.00 per hour
Petting zoo: Miniature sheep, mini goats, 27 inch pony, large rabbit, chicks, and more!
Fencing included — from $250.00 per hour
Carousel of four ponies – from $375.00 for 1 hour
Camel — from $300.00 per hour
Nativity animals — from $350.00 per hour
Call now to reserve or inquire at (801) 523-0735

Photo Booth Rental

photo-boothWHY RENT A PHOTO BOOTH? A photo booth is one of best things you can have at an event. It will bring fun, excitement, and laughter. Most of all, it will give everyone something to take home to remember the party. Photo booths are great additions to Weddings, Corporate Parties, School Dances, Graduation Nights, High School Reunions, Family Reunions and every type of party that you want to remember.

WHAT IT PRINTS? The photo booth can print either (2 by 6 inch strips) or 4 by 6 inch photos. The Photo Booth can print as many strips per session as you need so each person in the booth can have one. More prints can be requested after the session. Your logo or background can be put on at no additional charge.

3 hour rental — from $650.00
Each additional hour — from $95.00
Call now to reserve or inquire at (801) 523-0735


Want the royal treatment? Rent a real throne! This is perfect for princess parties and Santa Claus.

Also great for putting at the head of a table for a special guest.

$200.00 for up to 5 hours. Local delivery included.
Call now to reserve or inquire at (801) 523-0735

Face Paint Kit and Brushes

Do you want to rent supplies for your own face painter? This kit comes with 10 colors, 2 brushes and a sponge.

$15.00 for all day. Priced for self pick up.
Call now to reserve or inquire at (801) 523-0735