New Party Additions For Your Special Summer Celebration

New Party Additions For Your Special Summer Celebration

All in Fun takes pride in offering new, exciting ways to enhance your party experience. With the summer upon us, now seems like a great time to unveil our newest additions! If you’ve been preparing for a summer party or event, All in Fun is here to help you take that event to heights you never could have imagined. The new additions to what All in Fun can offer will draw immediate attention to your event while keeping the attendees engaged throughout its duration. The new inflatables offered by All in Fun are great for parties of all sizes. Learn more regarding the newest All in Fun additions below.


  • Sports Themed Inflatables

    All in Fun has the perfect addition for sports fans. Each of the new inflatables is inspired by popular sports like soccer, basketball and baseball. Renters have the option of buying inflatables separately or all together. These inflatables are perfect for sports themed birthday parties or for any event where competition will be a theme. If you’re planning a party for a kids birthday party, and you know for a fact there’ll be a few sports fans present, this would serve as a great addition. Attendees will more than likely spend lots of time aiming to outdo each others performances on the inflatables. No matter what type of party you’re planning, All in Fun has the perfect inflatable to make it one to remember. If you’re searching for Salt Lake City inflatable rentals, be sure to contact All in Fun to help decide on the perfect one.

  • Bubble Machines

    One of the most traditional means of entertainment for kids is blowing bubbles. With the bubble machine offered by All in Fun, blowing bubbles becomes an even more gleeful event for the little ones present for your special occasion. The fact that the machine blows more bubbles than the old-fashioned method leads to kids watching in amazements. If you plan on entertaining a younger crowd of kids, a bubble machine could be exactly what you need. Bubble machines allow you to take great photos of kids as they enjoy the bubbles as well. All in Fun provides kids with all sorts of entertainment options to keep them engaged throughout a party. To learn more about what All in Fun can offer parties that keep kids entertained, visit our website and get in touch. If you’re looking for experienced, creative party entertainers in Salt Lake City that can keep kids engaged, look no further than All in Fun.


All in Fun is dedicated to providing unique experiences for party attendees. If you’ve been searching for help to make your party more memorable don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at All in Fun as soon as you can. Our party professionals are eager to help make your party the most memorable event of the summer. Don’t forget, this is an ideal time of year to provide kids with memories they’ll treasure forever. Reach out to All in Fun today to begin the process of creating lifetime memories.

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