Face Painting


Balloons or Face painting

We can come and face paint any style you like at your event or you can hire a balloon artist to dazzle the crowd.

$99.00 per hour.

  • All of our balloon artists and face painters will arrive in costume, either as a clown or in a fun party costume, you choose.

  • Face painting and balloons are also offered in most other shows.



  • 2 hour specials on our award winning face paint and balloon artistry!
  • Face painter for 2 hours at 155.00.
  • Balloon artist for 2 hours at 165.00.
  • Balloon artist/face painter for 2 hours at 175.00.
  • Have a favorite princess come for 2 hours and paint faces, pose for pictures and bring balloons for 300.00.


Colorful and fun. Unique and, well, temporary! From toddlers to teens, kids simply love face painting. The whimsical designs of a talented face painter are hard to beat and will liven up any event. It’s easy to work face painting into your event plan because all a face painter needs is a little corner to work their magic. Face painters are perfect for kids’ birthday parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, fairs, school celebrations and even weddings! There is no limit to what a face painter can do: full or partial-face designs of flowers, animals, sports logos, skeletons and anything else you can imagine.