Planning for Parties

Birthdays are perhaps the most important days in the calendar of children whether it is their own birthday or their friend’s birthday. To make this important day a special and memorable one, many parents arrange birthday party for their children.Face painting for kids from All in Fun Party Services.

But while organizing birthday party, some parents get confused when it comes to planning for party games/entertainment. Many questions come in their mind like where to start, which game will please all of the guests, etc. Here are some tips that will make sure that you will not find any difficulty while planning entertainment for your child’s birthday party.

Planning Entertainment

  • Ask your child- Involving your child in birthday party planning will make it memorable and fun for both you and your child. Don’t only focus on your child’s favorite movie/color/character is, but ask what they wish to do with their friends for party
  • Take ‘time’ of your party into consideration- Whether it’s morning, mid-day, or evening, the time of the party might affect things such as energy levels of the party guests, or temperature. Think about what kind of entertainment you wish to have, and plan around a time that would benefit best.
  • Eliminate safety hazards- Make sure that your party is a safe environment. Choking hazards are out of sight, and the entertainment is following safety rules and regulations. All in Fun team is certified and aware of safety hazards; the equipment is set up with the utmost care and attention to safety codes.

All In Fun offers a myriad of different choices for entertainment. Depending on the theme of the party, the options are nearly limitless.

There are stilts, and carnival acts. Face painting artists and caricature artists. Magicians and fortune tellers, DJ’s, comedians, and clowns. There are classic games such as tug-of-war, ring toss, and even dunk tanks! For a real treat, there is even a “Toon Car” for the children to enjoy: an electric car driven by a character that can work indoors or outdoors.

Inflatable rentals are a huge hit with the kids and will keep them entertained for a long time. There are inflatable slides, bounce houses, carnival games, and obstacle courses!

All in Fun is dedicated to meeting your party entertainment needs, and ensures quality entertainment and help. Call today to set up your entertainment. Don’t forget that corporate events and weddings can also hire All in Fun! Contact today!

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Organizing the Perfect Party!

Your child’s birthday can be one the biggest occasions of their year. You can celebrate your child by organizing an amazing birthday party for them. Organizing a birthday party can be daunting. It can unnerve even a normally well- organized parent. To make sure the party you are giving is a celebration, instead of a collection of tear filled mishaps; you have to plan party

Here are some tips that will help you in organizing a successful birthday party and will make the party planning easy for you. All In Fun offers many entertainment options to ensure the best party atmosphere for your child and guests.

  • Scheduling- You should set the party date on a date that does not conflict with popular holidays or your own schedules. Once you have decided the date, stick to it. Changing it again and again can create a problem in your party planning.
  • Venue- When choosing the best birthday venue, there are some aspects you have to think of in order to come up with the right decision. The first thing you have to take into consideration is weather. Make sure that there is enough shelter for everyone if it starts to rain. Make sure that the venue is suitable for the ages of children attending. All In fun has many different options of party fun, suitable for all types of venues.Venue
  • Theme- While choosing a theme, ask your child for ideas. All in Fun has characters from popular movies, or carnival games, or many other options. Whatever the theme, All In Fun is prepared to accommodate.theme
  • Entertainment- Now you have to decide the soul of every party- entertainment. For entertainment, you can hire magicians, clowns, face painters and balloon twisters. If you are having party at your home then you can set up games at the backyard of your house like turf-of-war, ring toss, etc. You can also rent bounce house or have DJ in your house.
  • Decorations- You should decorate your venue according to the theme you have chosen for your party. For example if your theme is mad science then decorate venue in a variety of colors. You can use colorful hats, table covers and party favors for decoration. For decorating ceilings, you can use colorful streamers.

Whatever you decide to do, All in Fun will be with you every step of the way. Bounce houses and inflatables are a great hit, and will be set up by our trained staff. Face painting is loved by all, as well as the caricature artists. Questions about what All in fun can bring to your party? Please call to inquire!

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Making Your Child’s Birthday Special

Birthday parties have the power to make any child happy. A great birthday party should have something special to make children involved in it. For making a birthday party special, it is important that you should choose an interesting theme. One of the most popular and interesting party themes is a Carnival party theme. With carnival party games, you can recreate all the fun of the fair at your kid’s birthday party. You can call All In Fun for inflatable games, clowns, stilt walkers, fortune tellers, magicians, and many other options.

Everyone- whether it is a kid or adult, enjoys going to a party with games. Carnival games are easy to plan, and with All In Fun, easy to enjoy!

 Carnival Madness

  • Game Coordinator- Avoid the awkward pauses of a party where people bumble about trying to find the next activity; with a game coordinator, things run smoothly and your guests will appreciate. All In Fun offers a coordinator to help keep the entertainment transitions as smooth as possible.
  • Ring Toss- Ring toss is a classic; can any carnival be complete without it? Ring toss is a great way for children to win prizes, and have healthy competition. It also gives them things to do if waiting for bounce houses or slides. All In Fun provides the game and supplies for this.Ring Toss
  • Easy Striker-. Remember in cartoons, the man with the muscles clanging a bell with a mallet in his hands? Another carnival classic, this bell ringing Easy Striker is sure to be a hit with both girls and boys (and probably parents too).
  • Inflatable Basketball Challenge- For basketball fans of all ages, the basketball challenge pits two individuals against each other to see who can sink the most baskets. A safe way to bring birthday fun to all of your guests!
  • Inflatable darts- All In Fun offers a Velcro sensitive dart board that requires skill and hand/eye coordination. This is a great skill building and fun activity for the kids and adults. Challenge your guests to hit the target with velcro balls provided. It is also a great way for prizes to be won.Inflatable rentals for your next party from All in Fun.
  • Tug of War- The classic of classics, Tug of War is a great and healthy way to spark friendly competition amongst your guests. All In Fun can equip you with all of the supplies you would need to make this favorite pastime a reality.

There are many other carnival games which you can organize for making your party cool and interesting like face painting, clowns, stilts, etc. By having carnival games in your party, you can make your party a great memory for all of your guests.

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Themed Birthday Parties Are the Way To Go!

Birthday parties celebrate children’s milestones in fun and enjoyable ways. For kids, birthday parties may be one of their most love memories of their childhood. If you have decided to throw you child a great birthday party, but don’t know how exactly to plan, we recommend centering the party on one theme. Choosing the theme makes things like decorating, choosing the games, venue, entertainment and even the food much easier to pull together. All In Fun has so many options, your party themes are endless: a list of characters to choose from such as pirates and mermaids, beloved Disney characters, many different inflatables, magicians, DJ’s, etc.

While choosing your theme, it could help if you asked the birthday boy/girl what they would like their party theme to be. By asking if they prefer magicians to clowns, caricature artists to face painting, bounce houses or slides, choosing the entertainment will be much easier. This teamwork will also make party planning a little more fun for both of you. Below are some great tips and ideas that will help you in deciding an excellent theme for your kid’s birthday party.

How to theme your birthday party!

  • Interests – Look for what your child really loves and what your child is passionate about for theme inspiration. If your child has an interest in painting and drawing then go with an art theme, and hire the artists, face painters, and balloon artists. If your child is obsessed with a certain movie or game, then they would certainly enjoy a visit from their favourite characters! All In Fun offers such a broad range of theme ideas, and fun party entertainment.Character Birthday Parties
  • Research – While choosing theme for your party, pulling ideas from other sources could greatly benefit your party planning mojo. Children’s magazines often have great party ideas, as do lifestyle blogs/things online. Because All In Fun entertainment is renowned and has been reviewed by sources such as NBC, and ABC, be sure to check out the extensive list of options.
  • Preferences – Preferences like favorite colors or food also plays an important role while choosing a theme for the party. If your child’s favorite color is red, and their favorite food is pancakes, maybe you could do a firefighter pancake breakfast party. The options are nearly limitless, really. If pink is the favorite color, then fairies could be a great way to incorporate that magical color.
  • Age – Age is an important factor to consider while choosing theme for your party. We all know that there is a   big difference in interests of a 4 year old boy and of a 9 years old boy. So to avoid unnecessary complications, consider the age of the child and guests and choose activities and entertainment appropriate for their age bracket.Amazing party entertainers from All in Fun.
  • Season – Yes, you can also choose your theme according to the season. If your child’s birthday falls in summertime, then you can have beach party theme (and an inflatable water slide will be a huge hit). If the birthday is in spring, then perhaps a garden party theme would be best. Choosing the theme to accommodate the season will make everyone to fully enjoy the party.

The theme of your child’s birthday party is important, and can help take your party planning stress down a notch or two. All In Fun   offers such a variety, we know we can help you with your party needs. Now go, have fun planning!

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Organizing Birthday Party Take Notice of All The Different Types of Entertainment

Every parent wants their child’s birthday party to be a fantastic experience. It can be a lot of hard work arranging food, decorations, gifts, inflatables, and more. Just make sure you don’t overlook the most important part of the party. The entertainment! No matter how great the food and venue is, the entertainment is what people will really remember. So what kind of entertainment should you choose? What is appropriate for your party? You can either search the web for ideas or you can call All In Fun. We can help you select the right amount of entertainment for whatever size party you are throwing.

kids party organize

Party entertainers are a great addition to your child’s birthday party. They can take pressure off of you. Instead of being the entertainment, you can sit back and enjoy the entertainment too. But make sure you select a good company when hiring entertainers. A good entertainer will contribute to the success of your party. Here are some important tips that will definitely help you while choosing the right entertainment.

Party entertainment: Choosing the Right Company

  • Begin your search- Make sure that you choose a company that has been in business for a long time. These companies are more experienced and are more likely to take pressure off of you on the day of the party. If you want to rent an inflatable as part of your entertainment then make sure you go with a company that has a large selection to choose from. You don’t want something to happen to the only inflatable a company has, and then you are left without anything the day of your party!Organizing Birthday Party
  • Meet with the companies you Shortlisted- Talk or meet with the companies you are interested in using. Are they professional but fun and light hearted? Are they able to put you at ease? Are they able to answer all your questions properly and is there a mutual feeling of trust? A professional company is always well prepared and comfortable answering any questions you may have. They should also be able to give you suggestions on how to add to the fun factor at your party.
  • How old is Company? – While looking for Entertainment Company, always check their experience as an experienced company is more likely to put a good show then a newer one.
  • Services provided by Company– You should always work with the company who is able to provide you all types of entertainment services as this will reduce your pressure of handling different companies for different entertainment purposes. For example the company should be able to provide you inflatable’s for rent as well as magicians, clowns party
  • Verify legal certification of the company– Some party entertainer companies are not licensed to wear costumes of famous cartoon characters and if any mishap happens, then you will not able to demand any compensation. So please make sure that the company is legally certified.
  • Don’t forget to check their identification– Always ask the name of the person that will be showing up to your party. Make sure you know their name and you check their ID when they get to your party.  Make sure the company knows that if the person that is coming changes, you are to be notified. This will prevent any outsiders from coming into a party with kids and will ensure you all have an amazing day.
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