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Tips for Face Painting at a Birthday Party

Tips for Face Painting at a Birthday Party

Face painting is a fundamental aspect of any event kids attend, especially kids birthday parties. Face painting at kids birthday parties is typically a great way for the party goers to bond with each other over the unique experience of having their favorite character or animal painted on their face for the day! When done properly, face painting can be a wonderful addition to any kids birthday party. Though face painting is a relatively quick and easy task at a kids birthday party, there are a few tips that should be kept in mind.

  1. Use high-quality paint
    The best advice for face painting at a kids birthday party is to use good face paint. There are quite a few name brands on the market that you can use that will do the job properly. A high-quality face paint won’t pose any harm to the kids in attendance, as opposed to a low-quality face paint which could potentially lead to a rash. A high-quality face paint will also be quick and easy to clean after the party is over. Using the best quality face paint you can find is one of the best choices you could make for the occasion.
  2. Don’t Paint Near the Eyes
    A creative, unique way to provide guests at your kids birthday party with a face painting that is comparable to a portrait of their favorite character draped across their face. Sadly though that may not be the safest option. Because there no telling when a kid may rub their eye, having paint around that region of their face could spell pain and trouble.Having to wash the paint out of an eye would not be fun for anyone in attendance. A good rule of thumb to follow is to stay away from anything close to the eyes of the kids.
  3. Keep Removal Supplies Close
    The final and most crucial tip for face painting at a kids birthday is ensuring you have the tools in place to clean up once the party ends. There are a variety of tools you can use to get the job done that include liquid soap or dish detergent, baby oil and even scotch tape. The scotch tape comes in handy if you happen to use glitter on anyone’s face. Otherwise, simply use a wipe with just a small bit of soap to wipe away the remaining face paint.

Face painting is a fantastic way to make your kids birthday party a lot of fun for all attendees. If you’re considering face painting as a way to make your kids birthday party stand out, look no further. All in Fun in Salt Lake City is happy to provide you with any entertainment you need for your kids birthday party including face painting! If you want to make your kids birthday party an unforgettable experience look no further than the professionals of All in Fun! The more entertainment available at your kids birthday party, the more likely everyone in attendance will have a memorable experience at your kids birthday party.

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