How To Plan A School Carnival

How To Plan A School Carnival

A great fall event for children is a school carnival. School carnivals are typically outdoor events (although they can be indoors as well) where children are able to run about and have a good time. These events typically have a wide range of entertainment options, including slides, inflatables, music, and more. Parents and PTA members are often tasked with planning these types of events, and this may be a good option for your local community. If you are talking with the other parents about holding a school carnival, here are some things you should consider. 

Plan An Event Around A Single Theme

A great way to keep children engaged is to have an event that has a single theme. That could mean having a carnival that is themed around a historical event or a holiday like Thanksgiving. Themes allow children and their parents to dress up and have a good time, and it can also make choosing the entertainment easier. If you have a theme, then you may want to hire entertainers to play certain characters. The same goes for food–choosing the right food for the event is pretty simple when you have a unified theme. 

Make Sure The Entertainment Is Accessible For All Children

It is important to make sure that the entertainment meets the needs of all of the children attending. Inflatables such as bounce houses, obstacle courses, and slides may be great options for older children, but may not be the best choice for younger kids. Make sure you know who the audience will be, and make sure that the entertainment you choose can be enjoyed by everyone. The last thing you want is for children to feel left out at the carnival. 

Keep The Parents Engaged Too

It is important to make sure that you are also keeping the parents engaged. A great way to do that is with music, food, and entertainment that parents can enjoy alongside their children. That is why you may want to consider entertainment options such as magicians, clowns, or face painting. Face painting in particular is a great option for parents and children alike. When you keep the parents engaged, they are more likely to bring their child back to the next school carnival. 

Planning a school carnival for the neighborhood children can be exciting and rewarding. You want to ensure that you’ll be putting on an event that the children will remember fondly for years. That’s why you should give our All In Fun team a call. At All In Fun, we offer everything from magicians, clowns, inflatables, slides, music, food, and everything in between. We’ll help you make the next school carnival a blast, so that parents and children alike are engaged throughout the event. We serve the state of Utah as well as the surrounding states of Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Arizona. Contact us today, and we’ll get started on your next school carnival.

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