Why You Need Entertainment At Your Next Fundraiser

Why You Need Entertainment At Your Next Fundraiser

When you think of fundraisers, you probably don’t think much about entertainment. Even though the prime motivator for any fundraiser is to ultimately raise money for an organization or a cause, you probably won’t do a great job of that without entertainment. That’s because people want to have a good time when they go out to an event, and when people are feeling good, they are more likely to donate to your cause. The opposite is also true–when people are feeling bored and disinterested, they are less likely to donate. Here’s why you need entertainment at your next fundraising event. 

When People Are Having A Good Time, They Give More 

The goal is to increase donations, and you aren’t going to do that with an audience that is bored or hungry. That is why it is important to have not only entertainment but food as well. You want to ensure that people are enjoying themselves throughout the event. Including music is also a good idea. Fundraisers often incorporate contests in order to raise the competitive spirit of the crowd and build up a sense of excitement. 

You Want To Create An Atmosphere That People Remember

It is important to make sure people are having a good time at the individual level, but you also want to focus on the collective atmosphere. After all, you don’t just want some people to give, you want to maximize donations for your entire audience. How do you create a memorable atmosphere? One way to do that is to make sure that people are taking photos of your event and tagging themselves on social media. Some fundraisers do this through a “selfie station,” while others have themes or costume events to encourage photos and social media tags. 

Making Sure Your Attendees Come To The Next Event

Ultimately, you want to make sure that your attendees not only donate but come to your next event too. They are more likely to come back when you’ve shown them a good time with food, music, and live entertainment that they can’t get anywhere else. Not only are they donating to a good cause, they also get to have a fun night out on the town while they do it. This is the kind of feeling you want to inspire in your guests!

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