Differences Between Residential and Commercial Inflatable Bounce Houses

Differences Between Residential and Commercial Inflatable Bounce Houses

Good bounce house rentals in Salt Lake City are hard to find. If you’re on the search for a reliable inflatable bounce house for your next big occasion, it goes a long way to understand the differences between residential and commercial inflatable bounce houses. You don’t want to take a chance on your party not going as well as it could have because you didn’t research which bounce house works best for you. The better your understanding you have of the different types of inflatables that are available to you, the better odds you have of your party going successfully.

Details About Residential Inflatables:
Residential inflatables are made from oxford cloth fabric, meaning there’s no plastic coating for repairs. If you need an inflatable bounce house suitable for continual use, this is likely your best option. Typically these types of bounce houses aren’t recommended for outdoor usage. If you have a big home and wouldn’t mind throwing a get together indoors, this could be a great solution for you. It should also be noted that residential bounce houses are known to absorb more water than other materials, which is why it shouldn’t be used with water in any scenario. Since it has a tendency to hold water, it’s difficult to tell when the bounce house is actually dry. Often times, mildew can occur as a result of this.

Although it’s not advisable to use this sort of bounce house outdoors or with water, it’s still sturdy enough to enjoy with a good group of people. These types of bounce houses are equipped to hold about three or four people at a time maximum. Remember, you don’t want to test the weight limit of these bounce houses because if you cause damage to the material it’s impossible to repair. Causing any cosmetic damage could make you responsible for buying a brand-new one.

Details About Commercial Inflatables:
Commercial bounce houses are much more difficult to set up for use at home because of the added weight. They’re much more durable though, and more resistant to tearing. Because of the added durability, these types of bounce houses are perfectly fine to use with water. Along with being waterproof, these bounce houses are also durable enough to withstand more complex designs like big slides or obstacle courses. Since commercial bounce houses are more complex, these are the recommended types to use for bigger events where you’re expecting lots and lots of guests.

Salt Lake City Bounce House Rentals:
It’s more than likely that if you need to rent a bounce house that it will be a commercial one. Why not find the best commercial bounce house in Salt Lake City? Here at All in Fun we take pride in doing everything we can to provide value to your get together. If you’re looking for the perfect commercial bounce house to add to your party, contact the party professionals at All in Fun today! Whether its a kids birthday party or a corporate function you won’t regret allowing us to enhance your experience.


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