How to Make a Kids Birthday Party Flow Smoothly

How to Make a Kids Birthday Party Flow Smoothly

As you probably understand from attending kids birthday parties in the past, finding the flow in a party is vital. Failing to do so can result in a bland experience for everyone involved, and you likely won’t realize it until it’s too late.

Take a look at the following tips and tricks for being a relaxed party host:

First rule of thumb: Plan ahead.

With enough planning ahead of time, you’ll be able to not only avoid a boring party, you’ll have enough time to create an amazing one! Another positive is, you can prevent a boring kids birthday party with enough planning and a little help from the party professionals at All-in-Fun!

Second rule: Hiring an entertainer

What most people don’t understand is that throwing a good kids birthday party by yourself is nearly impossible. The importance of securing reliable and fun entertainment can’t be overstated. The possibilities to add unforgettable entertainment to your kids birthday party are endless with All-in-Fun.

Third rule: Timing to Host a Party.

Along with entertainment, timing is also crucial to flow within a kids birthday party. The best way to ensure you’ll have the attention of the kids in attendance throughout the party is to plan to have it later in the afternoon. This way you have a significant amount of time to have fun before they go to bed, and after they’ve had time to rest up in preparation for the big party. The party doesn’t have to last for longer than a couple of hours, too. If the party goes on for too long, you’ll start to notice the attention of the kids starting to wane.

Fourth rule: What to serve.

Keep in mind that your menu for your kids birthday party is another crucial aspect to the flow of your kids birthday party. If you plan far enough ahead, you should be able to put together enough options that even the pickiest of eaters will still be able to walk away full. If planned appropriately, the food at your kids’ birthday party will serve as an important time-block of the kids birthday party. When preparing food for the big party, its proactive to reach out to the parents of the children who will be in attendance to see if there are food allergies you should be aware of when prepping the menu. Nothing would disrupt the flow of your kids birthday party like one of the attendees suffering from a food allergy you had no idea about.

Fifth rule: Pacing is important

It’s helpful to divide the party into 10- to 15-minute increments, with a new activity for each block of time.  When in the middle of the party, keep in mind that it’s okay to take breaks in the action if you feel as though your attendees are feeling overwhelmed. Allot about 30 minutes for an entertainer (or kids may lose interest), and 15 minutes each for lunch, cake, and opening gifts. If a game or craft isn’t going well, drop it and move on; if kids enjoy a particular game, let it run longer than planned.

There’s a good possibility that it may be good for both the attendees and the parents.

However you decide to plan your kids birthday party, All-in-Fun is happy to provide the entertainment. If you haven’t yet, take time to think outside of the box, consider our bounce house rentals or carnival games available if you’re located in Salt Lake City. They could be the missing ingredient to creating the birthday party of you and your kids wildest dreams! All-in-Fun is without a doubt, your best option for kids birthday party entertainment in Salt Lake City.

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