The Fun in Finding and Creating Birthday Party Invites for Kids

The Fun in Finding and Creating Birthday Party Invites for Kids

One of the things about kids’ birthday invitations that might come as a surprise to you is that they add to the excitement of the party. Children love birthdays anyway, because it’s a party, of course, but it’s also a day that marks a major change in their young lives. Children look forward to turning 6 or 7 or 8, or any age actually, because it means to them that they are becoming one of the big kids, they’re growing up. I’ve known children who wake up on their birthdays and look in the mirror or get in the scales, expecting a sudden growth spurt; they’re older, therefore they must be bigger.

Working on kids’ birthday invitations with the children themselves is a great way of building excitement and of validating the importance of this day in their life. It allows them to have a lot of input into what they want for their party. They might want to go with specific kids’ birthday party themes like a cartoon theme; Mickey Mouse, even though he’s been around since the 30s, it’s still a popular addition to kids’ birthday invitations. So are the Sponge Bob themes. Movie themes are also popular. Harry Potter is still popular for a birthday theme and so are the Wizards of Waverly Place. Not only do you get the kids birthday invitations for these themed parties but you get the decorations, the place settings, and the balloons to carry the theme all through the party.

There are many classic kinds of invitations and with the popularity of scrapbooking these days, there are some very creative handmade invitations you can produce. A friend of mine specializes in making party invitations with her scrap booking skills. I have also received invitations that were hand-painted or creatively done on the computer.

Speaking of computers, a lot of invitations these days go out through the email system. So sending out an actual card, an invitation that’s able to be held in their hands, adds something special to the whole event. Everyone can tell that you value the experience of the birthday and it sets a good example for your children, if you make the effort to celebrate special events such as their birthdays. You can also do it the easy way. You can often find some first birthday invitations in grocery stores, or drug stores, or convenience stores. It’s pretty easy to pick up

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