How to Find Children’s Birthday Party Supplies in Bulk

How to Find Children’s Birthday Party Supplies in Bulk

You don’t have to be a retailer to have a need for children’s birthday party supplies in bulk. If you are planning a large celebration, purchasing bulk quantities may be the more economical choice. Many retailers and wholesalers will offer discounts based on how large your order is. While some are mostly commercial, requiring truck loads, there are others that are relatively small. Before you spend a fortune on children’s birthday party supplies, find out where you can obtain the quantity you need at a lower price.

Ask About a Discount

If you need a large number of an item, consider asking about bulk discounts. Some local retailers may be willing to accommodate you with a 5 or 10% discount. To find out, request the assistance of a manager and let them know how many you need. It is also best to ensure they have the quantity available (or can get it in time for the party). Once you have established the number of children’s birthday party supplies that you need, also ask if they offer any kind of discount if you make the entire purchase there. You might get lucky and save simply for asking!

Buy It Wholesale

Wholesalers are another great option to save on bulk children’s birthday party supplies. You may have a hard time locating an actual wholesaler nearby that will work with you for a one time order. However, there are other options. Start by looking for any outlet style stores near you. Also check business suppliers that are open to the public in your area. Many paper products and other children’s birthday party supplies can be found this way. Another option is to start looking for wholesalers online. A simple search for the term “wholesaler” and “children’s birthday party supplies” can yield a number of possibilities. Always review their customer history and return policies before ordering. Also make sure you know order processing and shipping times to ensure you get the items when you need them. These sellers may have order minimums, so keep those in mind as well. Before placing an order online, make sure you have accounted for everything you need. If you fall just a little short you may not be able to make a small order with the same company. Finding a good price on the same item elsewhere might be a challenge, especially if it is a hard to find item.

Lot Sellers

Another option to find children’s birthday party supplies is to look into websites that offer private lot sellers. Sites, such as eBay and, offer  items in a variety of quantities. Some sellers have a large number, but not so large it is unreasonable. You may even find a children’s birthday party supplies bulk package that offers all the things you need, without making additional purchases. By taking the time to research your options, you can save a lot of money on the party, leaving more of the budget for food and presents!

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