Helpful Birthday Party Planning Tips

Helpful Birthday Party Planning Tips

We make your party planning idea easy. It’s important to have successful children’s birthday parties with low-cost, budget saving party supplies. Our party supply list will help you plan and save.

At All In Fun we keep it simple. At all ages, birthday party planning events tend to be successful and more fun if thought out properly. Complicated parties usually require extensive planning with little additional fun or value. Use our checklist as a party planning idea for your children’s birthday party. What’s most important to kids? Friends, goodies, gifts and great fun times!

When starting out with your child’s birthday party planning, we suggest you make a list of all the items you will need. Paper goods, paper hats, invitations, children’s party favors, candles, party plates, plastic utensils, party decorations, themed party supplies, party crafts and activities, piñatas, children’s party toys, birthday costumes, birthday scrolls, and birthday cake decorations.

Kids Birthday Party Planning Steps & Needed Supplies:

Involve the Guest of Honor:

Involve your child in the planning and set up. Find out what type birthday party your child will be happier with and delegate them some of the responsibility! Keep in mind that in case of a disagreement, the parent is the ultimate decision maker for the event.

Pick your Kids Party Theme:

This should be up to your child, within a reasonable budget. Once the decision has been agreed upon, then order your party supplies.

Here are some simple tips that are sure to make your party a smash! They should include: costumes to match the theme you have previously decided on, games, prizes, your party decorations, (hats, streamers, balloons) party favors and piñatas filled with the treasures that fit your parties age group.

Create a schedule of events:


There are tons of recipes online to fit just about any budget or need. If you cannot find prepared foods, simply prepare your dishes a week in advance. Then all you have to do is heat everything up on the day of the event.

Eating Utensils:

By now you have a good idea of how many children will be attending the party. Don’t forget the adults too.

Birthday Banners:

The banners can be made on your personal computer by scanning photos and then inserting into a banner program. You can also purchase some blank banner paper and cut out pictures, glue to the paper, and use markers and letter stenciling for your words.

Color Scheme:

Try to stick to one color scheme. For instance, a Spider-Man party theme would be red and blue, a Scooby Doo birthday party theme would be pink, blue and orange.

Crafts and Activities:

When trying to select a good activity for your themed party, keep in mind the age of the children attending. Small children cannot perform complicated tasks.

It is also a good idea to consider the space available for the party. Although the guest of honor may have fifty friends and family members, the space may only allow ten or twenty to fit comfortably and still have a good time.

We tried to give you the simple basics in creating a successful and fun birthday party your child will remember. While shopping the party store, it would be extra helpful to your planning to review some of the other planning lists that are available to you.

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