Carnival Game Ideas

Carnival Game Ideas

Going to a carnival is perhaps one of the most memorable and most fun experience a child will have during their formative years. It is one of the most perfect places in the eyes of a kid – where there are a lot of games and a lot of things to play with. Not to mention the jovial and care free ambience a carnival provides. Well parents, you can definitely give your kids the same experience by arranging a carnival-themed party for them. Since this is the carnival we are talking about, it is best you concentrate and put more effort into coming up with carnival game ideas, since carnivals are truly all about games. Then again thinking of carnival game ideas that will surely make a mark is a daunting task. We can help you by providing some Carnival Game Ideas that you may want to use on your child’s soiree.


Every carnival you go to will probably have a dart throwing game with them. It is like a staple in every carnival there is. If you have the money but you don’t have the time, you can always purchase a readily made dart board. You can also make a dart board on your own by using wood scraps from your backyard or from the junk shop. You can attach air-filled or water-filled balloons to the wood. Make sure that the sizes of the balloons are not too large and not too small so the kids won’t have a hard time.


Instead of using poles,  modify it a little bit. Gather various prizes the kids will definitely be happy about to get and place align them in the living room. Instruct the participants to throw the hoop at their desired prize from a predetermined space. To win the prize, the participant must be able to fully surround the reward with the hoop.

Knock the Cans

Even before the party, prepare a considerable amount of empty cans. Any can will actually do for this game, just be sure to remove any edges from the cans that might cause cuts and other wounds. When the day of the party arrives, heap up the cans to form something of a triangle. Provide a ping pong ball to the kids for them to throw it at the cans and knock them down.

The list of carnival games ideas is endless and includes lots of variations on the games to make them more creative. One of these games is Air Hockey. This is a game that entails two people playing it at an air hockey table can be rented from a company. Your family could help you by loaning one for your use at the carnival. Amongst other carnival games ideas is the archery otherwise known as the William Tell. Here, you employ the use of foam arrows and a bow or a child’s archery set that has suction tips. You can start by painting the board with a design that looks or sounds funny. Finish by cutting big holes that will allow the arrows to go through them. A player will only be allowed three target shots.

The art pavilion game provides an avenue for children to improve on their creativity. If you want to create innovative ideas on this particular game, visit your local craft store. You can also fact find on catalogues for part supply.

Another mouth-watering game is at the races. You can start by making six lanes of a race track. Use wood to make a sturdy track and ensure the lanes are painted. Use an ink pen to draw the lanes. Ensure eight to twelve spaces are used by each lane. This game can engage six players per session. The lane will be used by the players to erect their vehicles or animals. As soon as a die is cast by the operator a lane number comes up for one of the players who will have to move forward one step. The player that is first to reach the finish line gets the coveted prize. The balloon animals will also make kids savor their moments as they play it. This can be made by getting a volunteer to blow up the balloon animals. It’s prudent to check with the relevant institution authorities since some administrations don’t allow them due to allergy. Once approved, the balloon animals can be given away for fun, or let the kids buy a ticket to obtain one. In the balloon stomp you place a price inside a small balloon and inflate it. Have as many balloons with prices as possible. All the players need to do is to each pick a balloon stomp and find out what price they have won.

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