Little Mermaid Party Supplies for your Child’s Birthday Event

Little Mermaid Party Supplies for your Child’s Birthday Event

Little Mermaid party supplies are a very popular choice among children, especially little girls. The enchanting under the sea theme offers a certain charm, along with very lovable characters little ones adore. For parents planning a birthday celebration, buying commercial little mermaid party supplies may be a bit cost prohibitive. Rather than tell your child you cannot afford a Little Mermaid themed event, find ways to compromise. You can still use those Little Mermaid party supplies if you learn how and where to cut a few corners. One of All In Fun’s beloved characters for hire, Ariel, will be a huge hit.

Paper Products

Many stores offer Little Mermaid party supplies in the form of printed cups, plates and colorful plastic silverware. While these work very well, keep in mind you often pay more for the licensed characters. Rather than waste a large portion of the party budget (and possibly, the present budget) find a way to offer some commercial character products as well as plain ones. For example, a package of Little Mermaid plates could be complimented by a package of less expensive blue or green plates to match. Alternating them at place settings looks very attractive without forcing parents to spend a fortune for the character’s image.

The same goes for napkins. If you really want to save, then try plain white napkins. These tend to be very inexpensive and in reality, children don’t mind using them. After all, napkins are only intended for cleaning. After the party, the guests will most likely not recall what color the napkins were, anyway!

Decorations for the Party

Try mixing decorative Little Mermaid party supplies with other types. For example, a few paper wall hangings could be purchased and hung with construction paper fish that you make at home. Solid color streamers are often less than $2 a roll and can also help set a party atmosphere, even though they are not Little Mermaid-specific. Rather than buy a Little Mermaid centerpiece for the table(s), try using your child’s favorite play things. A plush flounder or Ariel figurine can complement your table setting. The best part is, rather than throwing them away when you are done, you can put them back in your child’s room, creating less waste. Reusing your child’s toys as decorations is also better for the environment. 

The Cake

Some bakeries have Disney licensed decorations that they can put on the cake. This approach looks great, but sometimes costs a lot more than baking a cake yourself. If you plan to do so, try adding a few of your child’s hard plastic or resin figurines to the cake as a topper. These look fun and will compliment your Little Mermaid party supplies. However, they cost nothing and can be easily cleaned and returned to your child’s toy box after the party.

As long as they have a good time, you can use as many or as few Little Mermaid party supplies as the budget allows. All In Fun will provide the hit of the party: a visit from Ariel! Call today to book a character for your themed party!

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