Fairy Tale Themed Children’s Birthday Parties

Fairy Tale Themed Children’s Birthday Parties

Children’s birthday parties with a fairy tale theme can be a lot of fun, both to plan and attend. Fairy tales are an excellent theme choice because almost everyone knows these familiar stories and they are all very kid-friendly. Very young children can really identify with fairy tale characters, making them easily recognizable. If you plan to try fairy tale themed children’s birthday parties for your next celebration, then consider the following suggestions to get things started! All in Fun offers a wide range of characters to invite to the party!


Everyone knows the timeless story of Frozen. If your child has any toy or stuffed dolls  featuring this fairy tale, hurry and find them! They can be used to come up with unique ideas for children’s birthday parties as well as become a part of the décor during the event. Use the images found in these story books to help you come up with a fitting color scheme and decoration. Elsa can also make a surprise visit!

Little Red Riding Hood

Another popular fairy tale is that of Little Red Riding Hood. The story book idea can apply here as well. Consider adding red party hats to symbolize the famous red hood. Instead of teddy bears, find a few plush wolves to hide in dark corners of the party area. The snacks offered should include a number of baked goods, just like grandma would make! This one is easy to decorate for and can turn children’s birthday parties into a memorable event for all.


Other themes for children’s birthday parties could focus on the story of Cinderella. This one works well for a little girl’s party. Shoes can be used in the décor as well as fancy gowns and other beautiful things. Most of these are very easy to find and can be made from household items. An old shirt or skirt of mom’s could easily become a Cinderella costume. For party favors, consider offering magic wands fit for a fairy godmother. They may not cast real spells, but the children will be enchanted.


Tangled was a hit story, and it can make a great theme for children’s birthday parties. Choose rustic décor or hold the party in the back yard. Breads, fruit and similar simple items should be included on the menu. Make it even more interesting by inviting guests to dress as their favorite Tangled character. The children will have a great time playing Rapunzel, or Flynn Rider.

When planning children’s birthday parties, look to the classics for inspiration. These exciting tales captivate the minds of children and amuse parents, who are reminded of their own childhood. Each story also teaches valuable lessons that little ones can take with them, long after the party has ended! Call All In Fun today to book characters!

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