Easy Kids Birthday Party Themes Your Guests Will Love

Easy Kids Birthday Party Themes Your Guests Will Love

Coming up with kids birthday party themes is not always easy, especially for the first time parent. If you cannot decide on the perfect theme for your young child, then consider these tried and true options. They are easy to use and  can be taken in a number of adorable directions that your party guests will love! Keep your child’s interests in mind when selecting the right theme. You can enjoy easy party planning and your child will love seeing his or her favorite things worked into the event! All In Fun provides the fun for the party, to ease your stress. There are so many fun party options!

Jungle Party Time!

Some parents love the look of jungle kids birthday party themes. Monkeys, tigers, and other exotic creatures can be used to decorate the cake and walls of the party area. Take it a step further by adding delicious fruits and colorful dishes to the food table. For example, a few bananas can go a long way in boosting the jungle atmosphere. Consider adding a jungle sounds CD to help set the tone as guests arrive. Remember to play it at a volume that is not so loud it will discourage socializing. Keep the sound effects just loud enough that they can be heard without being overbearing to your guests.

Birthday Numbers

Age is only a number, right? Why not try kids birthday party themes focused on numbers? A few stencils and some colorful construction paper are all you need to make your own decorations. Feature your child’s age heavily, however you can throw in a few other numbers. Make sure a very diverse color palette is used in the decoration to avoid the number theme from bordering on bland.  If done correctly, colorful numbers are a simple way to decorate for your child’s party. Some companies even sell small cake candles that are shaped into actual three dimensional numbers!

Swim Away with Sea Creatures

Sea creatures are a lot of fun, and make some of the best kids birthday party themes. The party décor can include grinning octopuses, multi-colored starfish, and tropical sea life of all shapes and colors. If you want to make your own decorations, try doing a little research before hand. A few minutes on the internet can produce hundreds of photographs of real sea life. Although your child’s birthday party decorations do not have to look realistic, these images can help you find ideas to come up with a few attractive decorations.  Bubbles can be added to liven up the look. Sea creature birthday party themes are best complimented by blue and green colored supplies.

There are no rules about what you must choose when looking for kids birthday party themes. The best way to start is to look at your children’s personal preferences. These can be found among his or her toys, books and videos. Do not be afraid to try something completely new. You may inspire other parents to come up with their own themes, or create a new twist on these simple but eye-catching favorites! All In Fun offers games, inflatables, and carnival games. You can hire clowns, DJ’s, and characters! Browse the website for more entertainment options.

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