Event Decorations With All In Fun

Event Decorations With All In Fun

Whether you’re planning a small birthday party, the linens you choose can really make a statement about your event.

When selecting table linens, it is important to consider the location and time of year of your event, the look and feel you want to portray to your guests, and of course, your budget! Take a look at Blue Waters top tips for choosing table linens listed below. All In Fun provides the Fun for your event! You can hire DJ’s, magicians, and clowns for your guests. There are also carnival games and inflatables. Whatever the occasion, All In Fun has your best interest in mind.

1) What is the location and time of year?

Specialty linens are a great way to transform any venue, and the venue should be taken into consideration when selecting linens. Chances are, for example, if you’re hosting an event outdoors at a winery, your table linens will be different than if your event was held indoors at a museum. Also consider the time of year of your event. For an event in the middle of summer you would likely choose bright colors for your linens, as opposed to an event being held in winter.

2) What is the overall look?

Considering the look and feel you want to portray is vital in executing an event you’ll be happy with. For example, for an event where the overall theme is modern and trendy, you would have different linens than an event with a country or old fashioned theme. Colors, textures, and patterns should also be taken into consideration when creating your desired look.

3) What is your budget?

Knowing your budget is essential! Depending on costs, your budget can determine the type of linens you can and can’t use for your event. If you’re on a tight budget, however, there are ways of working within that budget that will also allow you to use the specialty linens you really want. For example, instead of using specialty linens on all of the tables for a wedding, you can use them on specific tables such as the buffet tables, head table, and cake table, and use polyester linens on the guest tables. This will not only cut down on costs, but it will also allow you to have linens on the tables that will be most photographed.

4) What do you need?

There are many different sizes of tables out there, and with that comes different sizes of linens. Also take into consideration the looks that various linen sizes can offer on different table sizes, and know what look you want. For example, on a 48 round table you would need 108 round linen to hit the floor, or you could use 90 round linen for there to be a 21 drop around the table. Also, know how many tables you’re having at your event so you can order the appropriate amount of linens to cover them, and reserve your linens at least 6 to 10 weeks in advance to ensure the linens you want will be available for your event.

These are small details you can focus on, while All In Fun takes care of the entertainment. For a mature party, hire a DJ! For work parties, try carnival themed games! Browse the website for more info, and book the fun!

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