New Ideas for Kids Birthday Party Favors

New Ideas for Kids Birthday Party Favors

While planning a child’s birthday party, there are several things to consider. The question of entertainment is usually the at the forefront. The professionals  at All In Fun are equipped to bring you the best entertainment for the best birthday parties. All In Fun offers a wide range of choices: from their most popular inflatables to character visits, magicians and clowns. Another thing to consider is theme: will it be princess themed, or Starwars themed…or Princess Starwars? All In Fun will work with your theme to help your party to be a grand success.

Along with food choices, venues, and entertainment, coming up with a new idea for kids birthday party favors may be a real challenge. There are so many commercially made options out there. However, you can offer something that the party guests will remember with a little creativity and effort. Make planning the kids birthday party favors a family event by getting the birthday boy or girl and siblings involved. They might even come up with a few ideas or alterations to make the favors even more attractive and unique.

“Green” Kids Birthday Party Favors

Many children love nature and animals, and have an interest in keeping the earth green. Why not incorporate this into your kids birthday party favors? Does your child have a favorite plant or vegetable? Purchase seed packets and divvy them out into enough for each guest to have a few. These can be placed in paper envelopes that have been decorated with balloons or other designs. Come up with a fun poem about growing the plant to attach as a thank you for attending the party!

When choosing seeds, make sure they are relatively easy to grow. Sunflowers are hardy as well as marigolds. Beans, peas and tomatoes are also great choices that also allow children to nurture something that they can eat. Depending on your kids birthday party favors budget, you could even include a small gardening trowel intended for young gardeners.

Thought Provoking Party Favors

Most children love a good puzzle. These are ideal because they are both entertaining and thought provoking. Consider putting together kids birthday favors that feature challenging word and number puzzles. Keep the age group in mind, because some puzzles may be too difficult and frustrate a young child. These could be given along with colorful pencils and erasers. Many companies make small travel size puzzle books or other types of puzzle games that will easily fit into a party goodie bag.


All In fun offers carnival games in salt lake city such as a dunking booth, ring toss, and much more. They also offer inflatable castles, slides and other party favourites. There are also magicians, DJ’s, and costumed characters to light up your party guest’s faces.

Browse the All In Fun website for the suggestions, and start planning the best birthday party ever!

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