The Best Kids Birthday Party Activities

The Best Kids Birthday Party Activities

Kids birthday party activities can help keep your guests entertained and having a great time! Although adults enjoy casual socializing, children enjoy doing things as a group. Not only will this make the event more memorable, it will also help keep the children busy and avoid over activity. This is especially important when a large number of children will be present. Rather than having a whole group running around the entire time, gather them together and do something fun!

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A Birthday Craft

Some popular kids birthday party activities involve making something. Children love to do things that are hands-on, and it keeps their minds engaged. A craft even gives party goers something to take home that they can display proudly. There are endless ideas for a birthday craft. A few great ideas involve finger painting, making your own party hat to wear and take home, brown lunch bag puppets, and clay jewelry. Depending on how many children will be present and what kind of budget you have, consider buying a collection of fabric paints and embellishments along with some child-size t-shirts. The party goers can design their own wearable garment! Face painting is a very popular party event, and All In Fun provides the professionals to create beautiful designs.

Outdoor Party Activities

If the weather permits, consider some outdoor kids birthday party activities. These will allow guests to stretch their legs and run around without risk of damaging your home.  If you have enough room, baseball or t-ball (for younger children) are great options. A bean bag or water balloon toss are also great options. These not only keep children interested but allow them to work with friends as a team. Make sure you change it out with a little free for all fun time in between. There are many outdoor themed carnival games in salt lake city for your children to choose from at All In Fun. Ring tosses, dunking booths, etc. are very popular.

Indoor Party Activities

Indoor kids birthday party activities can be just as fun and engaging. Although these can be done outdoors as well, they work perfectly in a home with limited space or when a back yard is not accessible.  Make sure you have a designated game area to keep everyone in the right place during each activity. Word games are a popular choice, including word searches and word scrambles that are birthday themed. Another quick game option is to fill a jar with an item and have the children guess how many are inside. Candy works very well for this; however other desirable items can be substituted. This game usually ends with the winner receiving the jar full of goodies. There are magicians , clowns, characters, and DJ’s for hire at All In Fun. This brings the fun indoors, and guarantee’s a great time!

Treasure or Scavenger Hunts

Treasure or scavenger hunts work well as indoor or outdoor kids birthday party activities. The goal should be for the participants to seek out items hidden in the area. Clues should be used to help them find the location of each item. When selecting the items that are to be found, keep the theme of the party in mind. For example, sea shells could be hidden for a sea or luau themed event. If you are hosting a classic treasure hunt among the kids birthday party activities, try taking knick-knacks and other inexpensive household items and painting them metallic gold.

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