How to Paint Your Face: A Step by Step Easy Guide

How to Paint Your Face: A Step by Step Easy Guide

You can easily use this guide to either paint on your own face (which might be a bit more tricky), or paint on someone else face , or enlighten you on how the professionals at All In Fun face paint.

Here you can discover some general tips and instructions to make your face painting safer and easier…

More important that the brush or design pattern, is the color you use. It is important that you find a skin friendly color which is safe on your facial skin. Because especially when it comes to kids’ face, their safety is the most important step.

Another helpful tip is to be extra careful when painting around the eyes and mouth. You want to stay away from drawing to close to the opening. Because for eyes, it can cause irritation and allergies if the paint accidentally gets into your eyes.

And for the paint around the lips, if your kid is going to eat or drink at the party, the paint may be wash away and swallowed. As you know, most paints are not edible. So you may want to draw a bit away from the mouth to be on the safe side.

Now it’s time for instructions on how to choose the best face design patterns and instructions for each one.

Easy Helpful Secret to Paint the Perfect Design

Here’s a little insider secret to help you make the perfect face paint the first time you ever try one. How would you like to have your drawing turn out awesomely and avoid messing it up so you have to start over?

Well, when it comes to drawing a new design on the face, we may make a tiny little mistake… and that may cause the whole thing to go wrong. Then you will see no choice but to wash off the whole painting and start over again.

That’s not fun when it happens, right? So here’s an easy little secret to avoid that…

You can first try drawing a specific design on a piece of paper, before applying with the brush on the face. So if any trial and error is necessary, you can easily do it on paper instead of the face.

Once you feel your hand is trained enough, you can move to the next step which is applying the paint on the face. You will be surprised how much time you save this way when you no longer have to worry about how it turns out. So wish you the best of luck with your party face painting!

Remember, All In Fun has professionals to hire for any event to paint wonderful designs on guests faces! Check out the gallery and website, give us a call!

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