16th Birthday Party Ideas

16th Birthday Party Ideas

The days of princess cakes, superhero capes and clowns are now gone. You can no longer just create a birthday party consisting of mini games and just invite anyone from her class. Everything will change as your daughter would have different demands, including choosing the best gift for her. Talk and brainstorm with your daughter to make the most perfect sweet 16th birthday party without getting a lot of stress and/or losing all of your bank accounts content. All In Fun offers DJ’s, emcee’s, and many other great entertainment accessories.

What She Wants

A 16th birthday party can be very difficult if a lot of expectations are put onto you by your child. Depending on what she wants for her party and also considering what her friends have already done, it is all taken into consideration on your planning. Teens are very difficult to understand, so don’t assume that you know what’s best for her, ask your daughter what she wants for her party whether it’s a grand party consisting of all her schoolmates or just a simple gathering with her family and close friends. Take time and talk with her, it avoids the risk of any emotional breakdowns later on.


When thinking for 16th birthday party ideas, the venue plays a huge role in making it the best 16th birthday party. Unlike most birthday parties, your daughter will not be impressed and would rather not have a birthday party on your backyard that is “transformed” or turned into a dance floor or ballroom.  You can rent out a place, her favorite local restaurant or any specialty halls, to create the effect that her party needs everyone “to go out”. You can even rent luxury cars or even limousines to pick her friends up.

The Guests

One of the crucial aspects of the party will be the guests. Depending on what your daughter would want, she may just want to hang out with all of her girl friends so she can be herself the whole night or she could also want to invite a few young gentlemen to spice up the party. When planning for 16th birthday party ideas, you must set the limits straight early on so that the atmosphere you would expect for a coed party would not go overboard. Create and plan games that you can choose from at our All In Fun website, hire a DJ to play the beats for the whole night, plan everything out so that there wouldn’t be anyone that will get bored and leave immediately.

Make her Standout

Make a scene, or create a segment just for her, sometimes it is best to make sure that your child is always the star of the party. Plan a special segment that will focus all the attention onto her. If you have a big surprise gift for her, then you may want to give it to her on the time of the party. A special dance or speech can also accomplish those goals to make your child standout as the birthday celebrant.


Affairs like this one, calls for classy dishes. This is also a time to teach your kid how to behave on such occasions. But don’t forget that teens still have a kids heart; so don’t forget to add in burgers, pizza, cake, ice cream, and other stuffs on the menu that she would want.

While a 16th birthday party is certainly an event, All In Fun has your entertainment options covered! Call us to find out more!

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