Face painting is popular for several reasons:

* It is safer than wearing a mask.  Masks block a child’s vision, making them more vulnerable to accidents.  Masks also don’t fit very well, sometimes causing breathing problems. Face painting will add a unique look to your purchased costumes as well.

* You can use these fun face painting ideas to invent any costume using your own clothes and other accessories you already have.

* Face painting designs that are empowering, such as lions and super heroes, increase a child’s self-esteem.

* Face painting challenges a child’s creativity.  Children love to be a part of the designing process.

* Face painting patterns can raise a child’s spirits.  If they are ill in the hospital, face painting could make them feel better.

All In Fun offers face painting for all sorts of events. Call today to book a face painting professional to bring to your party.


Face painting designs for kids are easy and simple to learn. And there are so many ideas that children love and adore. Here are some ideas for you to learn how to face paint:

  • Favorite patterns for boys are: robots, skulls, spiders, monsters, pirates, dinosaurs, snakes, bats, tigers, spaceships, and our flag.
  • Favorite face painting patterns for girls are: flowers, butterflies, hearts, ladybugs, rainbows and cats. And, girls particularly like fantasy related designs like fairies and unicorns.

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