Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Dinosaur birthday party ideas make a fun atmosphere and amuse the guests – dinosaurs may be a little hard to find, but you can still have plenty of fun for little caveman and cavewomen guests! You might want to consider have a cavemen and dinosaurs theme, rather than just dinosaurs, or incorporating The Flintstones into dinosaur birthday party ideas. Hopefully we can help you plan a dinosaur party with a difference!

All In Fun wants to provide the best party ideas for your child’s birthday. The team has many different games, inflatables, etc. to offer your party ideas.
Dinosaur birthday party ideas make it easy to make invitations!
• Cut dinosaur footprints out and send out as invitations – just make sure they’re big enough to impress!
• Send out dinosaur shaped invitations, with a prize for all kids who can tell you the password at the door on party day – the password being the name of their dinosaur!
• Make the entrance to the front door look like cave with plastic and boxes, so kids have to crawl through to get to the party. You can make it scary with dinosaur noises taped from “Jurassic Park”.

One of the best dinosaur birthday party ideas is to make a jungle atmosphere. Cut out dinosaur footprints from paper and place all over your house or yard, and leading up to the front door. Adding greenery, whether real, fake or green streamers hung from the ceiling will give your cave dwelling a jungle feel.
Party tableware
• Decorate the table with large rocks, green plants and of course plenty of paper or plastic dinosaurs.
• Make dinosaur partywear by sticking stickers or pictures onto paper cups of get some themed dinosaur tableware.
• LOTS of food comes in dinosaur shapes – jellypops, biscuits, chicken nuggets etc.
• Top a cake with dinosaurs and big footprints. You can push mini eggs of chocolate or candy into the cake and let the kids dig them out – messy eating isn’t something the dinosaurs would have minded!

All In Fun has themed ideas for your party needs. The team will help you plan the perfect party by offering inflatable games, characters, face painting, mimes, etc. Call today to book party entertainment!

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