Face Paint for Fun Memories!

Face Paint for Fun Memories!

Face Painting is fast becoming one of the hottest trends!!!

All in Fun Face Painting is guaranteed to add fun and colour to your party/event, providing striking face painting designs for your children, whether it’s scary monsters, face-paintsparkling princesses or roaring tigers, see the priceless expression on your children’s happy faces when they see their amazing new look!  Children of all ages love having their face painted, teenagers or adults at your party or event. We can create subtle eye designs or small motifs too.

We’ll transform your kids into a beautiful princess, a magical butterfly, superhero, masks, monster, pirate or many other fantastic designs.

If your party has a particular theme or fancy dress we can also tailor our approach to tie in with your plans.

If you’re thinking of holding a party, as a rough guide you can expect around 5-6 full faces per hour to be achieved. Cheek art and motifs can be achieved more quickly of course.

party-face-paintWe have a great range of designs suited to both boys and girls  –  cats, dogs, princesses, fairies, butterflies, thunder cats, dinosaurs, skulls, ladybirds – we can just about try our hand at anything so always do our best to accommodate special requests. We specialise in intricate patterns, swirl and flowery as we are free hand face painters, most faces we paint are unique as we do not just churn out standard designs – we like to match our design to the person we are painting and always accommodate the child’s requests for specific colours, and the little unique touches that make each face partly the child’s own creation. All products used are professional, cosmetic, quality face paints from long standing companies such as Grimas and Diamond FX which are suitable for children’s skin.  The paints themselves have antibacterial properties to help keep hygiene at its best.  All paints are water based and can be removed with water or baby wipes.

Unfortunately we are unable to paint anyone with broken skin, cuts or sores, eczema etc. However, it may be possible to paint an area of unaffected skin on the arm.

Clean faces to paint are appreciated!

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