How to Make a Special First Birthday

How to Make a Special First Birthday

It looks like it happened only a few days ago when you saw your baby the first time and heard his first cry. But now your child is nearly one. Whether you are planning a small gathering with your friends and relatives, or a big birthday party, your child’s first birthday celebration is bound to be special. From preparing guest lists to choosing theme and searching for a venue, planning your child’s first birthday party is not an easy task.

But you don’t need to worry. Below are some tips that will help you in preventing stress and reducing chaos while preparing for your child’s first birthday party. All In Fun will provide the games and entertainment you need to have a successful first birthday party.

Tips for Planning your Child’s First Birthday Party

  • Invite close Friends and Family Members- Your child may be afraid of strangers and also his social network will be very small- mostly children he plays with in the house or in the park. Therefore it will be better if you only invite your close friends and family members for your child’s birthday
  • Choose a Special Theme- Try to keep the theme of your party young and fresh. For example you can have your child’s favorite cartoon theme or you can make a collage of your child’s photographs and hang it on the wall. All In Fun has a large variety of characters for hire, to surprise your little one.
  • Try to Organize Party in Your Home-Home can be best place to organize your child’s first birthday party because it’s where your child will feel safer than any other place. All In Fun will bring entertainment to whichever venue you choose, even your home.
  • Decide Time of Your Party- Children of one year of age run out of energy and interest quickly. Therefore keep your party brief. Choose a time when your baby is not tired- pre or post nap time. If other children are coming in your party then ask their parents about their nap times and adjust the time of your party accordingly.all-in-fun
  • Keep the Food Simple- Avoid choking hazard food in your party like hot dogs etc. Make the cake at your home. Try to only have light food like finger foods, tiny sandwiches, juices etc in your party.
  • Carnival Games or Inflatables- All In Fun offers a wide variety of inflatable games, party magician rentals salt lake city and entertainment that children love. These are always a hit at birthday parties. Browse the website to find out more!

All In Fun understands and appreciates the planning of a good party. They will provide quality entertainment for your child’s party. Call or browse the website to discover what All In Fun has to offer!

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