Fun Activities To Do With Your Kid this Summer

Fun Activities To Do With Your Kid this Summer

Summer may be time to relax but for many parents, it comes with a question: Now the kids are at home all the day, what to do to stop them from spending hours watching television and playing video games?

For kids, summer holidays can be either a waste or a learning paradise. By only a little creativity and planning, you can change the summer for your children into a time to stretch the mind, explore new hobbies and learn about responsibility.

Below are some awesome summer activities for kids that will keep your family active and engaged throughout the city’s sunniest season.

  9 Fun and Inexpensive Summer Activities for Your Kids

  • Plan a Picnic- Pack up your child’s favorite snacks and toys and head off to a nearby park for picnic. Try to bring a colorful picnic blanket with you as it will make an ideal backdrop for photo-shoot.A juggler entertains the kids at LolliBop festival
  • Organize a Water Gun Fight in the Backyard of Your House- Organize water games like running through the sprinkler and water gun fights and ask other parents to help you by arranging cool treats and fruits.
  • Use your Creativity and Make Musical Instruments- Make some musical instruments and let your children play them on an evening concert. For example you can use an empty bottle and some beans to make a shaker and a plastic container and spoons to make a drum.
  • Organize a Talent Night in the Backyard of Your House- Organize a dj-kidstalent night and invite all the children in the neighborhood to take part in it. It is a great way to encourage children to face any hesitations they have talking in front of others. Ask your child about his favorite rhyme and which character he will like to play.
  • Take Your Child to a Museum Trip- Arrange a museum trip for your child. To make this museum trip more interesting, turn your museum trip into a treasure hunt. Ask your child to pick out some painting or objects in display. Then ask him to find those painting or objects inside the museum. Don’t try to cover the whole museum in one day.
  • Help Your Child in Making a Nature Book- Take your child for a bike ride in different neighborhood and search for interesting leaves, fossils and flowers. Once you have collected all the things you require for your nature book, go back to your home and paste your collection with the help of a tape on your book.
  • Go to Your Local Library- Visit your library and pick up a novel or a series of comics for your child. Most libraries organize a summer reading competition in which children can win prizes.
  • Take Your Child to a Beach- Go to a beach with your children. Collect shells and use them to decorate your sand castle.Place for Party
  • Organize a Party in Backyard of Your House- Arrange for a backyard campfire….. Or just use the grill. Roast hot dogs and pop pop corns and enjoy eating them with your kids. 

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