Birthday Party Planning In Salt Lake City

Birthday Party Planning In Salt Lake City

Birthdays are perhaps the most fun days for your children. You can make their day extra special by organizing a birthday party for them. However organizing a birthday party is a difficult task. It can make even a well-organized parent panic. But if planned properly, organizing birthday party  will become very easy for you. Good planning is the key to successful birthday parties.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts that will help you in planning a great birthday party.

Do’s While Planning Birthday Party

  • Do make a budget- Birthday parties can consume a great deal of money. Therefore you should create a budget and stick to it. First of all, decide how much you want to spend on the birthday party. Then break down each component of the party (for example entertainment, venue, etc) and decide how much to spend on each area.
  • Do involve your child in the party planning- Let your child pick the theme, help you with decorating and take part in baking the cake. Doing so will make the party planning fun and memorable for both you and your child.Add to Balloon Artist Page
  • Do send Thank you notes- Many parents will be happy to receive a “Thank you” card in addition to one your child has sent to their child. This is a great chance with you to build on friendships and to show parents that you respect the time they have taken and the money they have spent on birthday of your child.
  • Do keep your party short- Try to keep your party as short as possible. Party of ninety minutes will be good for children under eight years of age and for older kids, party of two hours will be best.

Don’ts while Planning Birthday Party 

  • Don’t add hot dogs and hard candies in your party menu- Don’t serve major allergens like peanuts and choking hazards like hot dogs in your party as food poisoning and food allergies are becoming quite common in children. Also, avoid serving hard candies and gum in your party.post_gall_1
  • Don’t use latex balloons in your party- Balloons are another common choking hazard. They are a leading cause of choking deaths among children under six. Many children have the habit of putting everything in their mouth. Children can put balloon in their mouth and there is a chance that they can inhale it. Once it’s inhaled, it can completely seal the airway. Therefore opt for foil balloons instead of latex balloons. They will cost more but they last longer and are not a safety risk.

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