Fun and Safe Birthdays

Fun and Safe Birthdays

Birthday parties allow kids to get together with other kids for nonstop fun and games. That is why kids love birthday parties, whether it is their own party, their friend’s party or one of their siblings. You don’t usually think of children’s birthday parties are especially dangerous, but there are some important safety things to remember that can make the day totally trouble- free. Birthday party essentials like food and bounce houses can prove fun but maybe a little dangerous if unaware of the safety tips. Below are some helpful tips for the party preparation that can ensure a safe, fun, and memorable birthday celebration for all.

Safety Tips for Birthday Parties:-

  • Food Safety- Since food poisoning and food allergies are becoming common in children, avoid allergens like peanuts or choking hazards like hot dogs at your party. Never serve snacks to children who are under four years of age without parental supervision. For keeping children healthy, make sure that the food is cooked thoroughly. Always cover and refrigerate food and drinks until children are ready to eat, as leaving food out all afternoon can cause the food to spoil.
  • First Aid- By properly and perfectly planning a birthday party, you can reduce the chance of getting anyone hurt. But we know kids will be kids, and over excitement at such awesome entertainment can cause accidents. Therefore always keep a first aid kit at your party, which should have ice, bandages, hot pads and Tylenol in it.
  • Inflatable Safely- There are many things you have to take care of if you have installed bounce house in your party. All In Fun is a professional company that installs inflatables and understands safety codes. Check that no child is taking any sharp thing like jewelry, keys etc with him into the bounce house. An adult should be near the bounce house at all times for supervision. Make sure that every child is safely entering and exiting the bounce house.


  • Balloons! – You should keep in mind that balloons are choking hazard and very dangerous for children. All In Fun offers balloon art as great family entertainment. This is not harmful, but make sure balloons are never inserted into mouths, or brought near a child’s face.
  • Decoration Safety – We should not forget that decoration material can be a choking hazard as well; therefore make sure that all the decoration material of party is age appropriate. Make sure children are under adult supervision.


  • Swimming Safety- Try to keep the pool small in your party. You should have a swimming pooltall fence, a childproof gate and a cover around the pool. Minimum two adults should be always present near the pool for supervising children. A good alternative to pools are water games and water slides. All In Fun offers great inflatable water slides that are fun, and infinitely less threatening than pools.

Safety is important for a birthday party. Taking precautions will ensure a fun, and safe environment for the guests. Hiring professionals like All In Fun takes stress off of installing and setup of games; they are licensed and understand safety codes. Have fun, and be safe!

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