Corporate Parties Can be Fun!

Corporate Parties Can be Fun!

Corporate parties and events can be fun too. That is why, every company should choose their party entertainment wisely. We all want to host an unforgettable event for our co-workers! Even when we are on a tight budget, there are ways to hosting an unforgettable event to wow board members, bosses, and fellow employees. We know how quickly the costs can add up when we start planning for events, but you don’t need to worry. Below are some tips that will help you in keeping the events  cheap without sacrificing fun.

 Saving Money Without Sacrificing Fun

  • Budgeting- Making a budget is important, as it will make sure that you are not overspending and getting into trouble with accounting. For deciding a budget, first of all decide or ask how much money can spend on this party. Then divide the money into different parts; how much you will spend on entertainment, food, venue etc. Think of which things you are willing to splurge on, and then the things to budget on.
  • Venue – You could try to organize party at your office/building rather than spending money for a party hall. If you want to make a funny and entertaining atmosphere in your office, you can hire entertainers such as DJ’s, comedians, magicians, etc. This entertainment is sure to brighten up the atmosphere.
  • E-invites- It is not really compulsory to buy invitations: you can make and send them in the comfort of your office chair. There are event pages to set up on facebook, invitation templates online….All In Fun even provides singing comedy grams!
  • Guest Lists- The best way to reduce the cost of an event is to keep the guest list small. Try to invite those who are directly involved in projects/ plans if numbers need to be smaller. If this event is a work-wide event, perhaps having a limit on the family members/guests is a good key to guest number limits.Birthday party organize
  • Theme – For professional atmospheres, sometimes one must keep the party simple and professional, with perhaps an emcee or DJ; howeve.r, there are other times when a fun and carefree party is just what the office needs. For sillier parties, the themes All In Fun can work with is limitless: luau, masquerade, costumes, etc.
  • Decorations- Inexpensive party favors that go a long way while decorating the party venue are just what you need. You can consult your friends and research online for decorations. Don’t let the size of the venue inhibit your decorating: if it is a small area, simple is best. If the event is large scale, sometimes an over-the-top presentation is exactly what is needed.
  • Menu- Make sure to remember the theme, and guest attendance numbers for this one. Is this a dinner, brunch, or happy hour? Do you want finger foods or a three course meal? Food is an essential bit to the party, and it’s good to consider your options.
  • Entertainment – Since entertainment is the soul of the party, invest as much ball-tossas you can in it. You can set up games and icebreakers, team building exercises and more. You can also contact All In Fun for comedians, DJ’s, mimes, etc. Great professional entertainment is just what your party might need to be the event of the century.

Corporate events do not have to be stuffy affairs: All In Fun ensures great entertainment for office mates too!

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