Bounce Houses Are So Much Fun But Don’t Forget About Safety

Bounce Houses Are So Much Fun But Don’t Forget About Safety

When it comes to our kids birthday parties we want to give them everything. We want it to be a day they will remember. Parents have told us time and time again that bounce houses provide the best birthday party entertainment. On top of the fact that bounce houses  provide all day fun, they also give kids a physical workout.

However, precautions must be taken in order to prevent any injuries that can happen when children get rowdy in their bounce houses. Please make sure to follow all instructions and safety tips to make sure your kids birthday is fun, safe, and injury free.

Bounce houses: How to make sure that your children are safe?

  • Weather conditions- If the weather changes and there are strong winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning, remove children from the bounce house immediately. These extreme weather conditions can cause bounce houses to become dangerous.
  • Secure the bounce house to the ground – If the bounce house is set up in a grassy area, then make sure to use all stakes to secure the bounce house to the ground. Avoid putting the bounce house on dirt or sandy ground. If you are on cement use large cement buckets, water barrels or tie downs to secure the inflatable. Some companies use plastic stakes which can be risky. Please be sure to use long metal stakes.

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  • Is the company insured? – While looking for a company that rents inflatable’s, always check that the company is insured. Make sure that the staff members are trained to set up inflatable’s and double check they have secured the inflatable appropriately. Talk to All in Fun when looking for  bounce houses in salt lake city as All in Fun are fully insured birthday party entertainers and our staff is trained with setting up inflatables or bounce houses safely.
  • Don’t forget equipment safety instructions- Please follow all instructions provided with your bounce house. There are specific reasons behind every safety precaution.
  • Make sure the inflatable stays inflated – Injuries can happen if at any point the inflatable is not fully inflated. Please make sure that the blower stays on the entire time. Make sure there is no way the blower will be exposed to water. Do not set the inflatable on dirt. Don’t set the unit up in a place that it might rub against a tree, house, fence, or anything else that may cause the bounce house to become punctured. Keep heat, fire, and barbeques more than 15 feet from the inflatable. And do not allow any shoes, food, water, or sharp objects in the unit.

Some more things to remember for safety of your children in bounce houses

  • It is a good idea for Kids to wear socks with treads on the bottom to prevent them from slipping.
  • To avoid potential trampling and collisions, keep toddlers and big kids in different houses.
  • No rough play, tumbling or wrestling inside the bounce house.
  • Before getting inside the bounce house, children should remove all their jewelry, pens, footwear and any other sharp things.
  • Children with larger weight or height should not be allowed inside the bounce house.
  • A supervisor should always be there to keep an eye on the kids.
  • If the bounce house is set up in a room with hard floors then place a soft surface around the entrance and exit of the bounce house.

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