Birthday Parties: How To Get The Most Fun For Your Dollar By Planning Your Entertainment Wisely.

Birthday Parties: How To Get The Most Fun For Your Dollar By Planning Your Entertainment Wisely.

One of the best ways we can show our love to our children is by throwing them amazing birthday parties. The planning of a party is important because it ensures that there wont be any problems the day of the party and that everyone will be able to relax and enjoy the party fully. Children have short attention spans, so when planning the party, make sure there are several different activities to keep kids occupied and out of trouble. We are here to help you with the planning of your birthday party. We take entertainment to the next level so that there will not be a bored child or adult in the house!

Choosing Entertainment: Factors to consider-

  • What is your budget for the party? – While arranging a birthday party, the first thing you have to do is make a budget. This will help you figure out how much you have to spend on the different aspects of the party, such as the food, games, face painting, inflatable’s, and other entertainment.
  • How long do you want your party to last? – The type, and amount, of entertainment you choose will be very different for a 2 hour party than it will be if the party is all day. Many of our clients like to get a character or a face painter that can stop by a shorter party for an hour or so before cake. If you are going to be doing a longer party you may consider getting an inflatable bounce house, a DJ, or even an inflatable waterslide.
  • How many children are coming in your party? – Check the total number of children coming to your party. If you have a small number of children coming to your party, then you can arrange two or three small games or activities. But if all your child’s classmates and friends are coming to your party, then it is a good idea to arrange multiple types of entertainment. You could get any combination of entertainers like clowns, magicians, DJ’s, or face painters and combine them with a bounce house or inflatable slide.Children's Birthday Parties

    Important things to consider

    • If you are having a small party, then you can rent a karaoke machine and set it up for hours of entertainment.
    • If you are having an evening party then a magician could be the best entertainment.
    • While choosing entertainment, make sure that it is age appropriate- something that your child will enjoy.
    • To help you decide what kind of games for your child’s birthday party, you could align them with a theme.
    • There are several competitive games that you can rent that will entertain kids and adults for hours! Check out the obstacle courses on our site.
    • Make sure that entertainment is staggered through the afternoon. Let the balloon artist know they are scheduled after the magic show because these entertainers do charge by the hour.
    • Following these tips will ensure that everyone has a lot of fun at your party.

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