Hosting Kids Birthday Party on a Budget in Salt Lake City

Hosting Kids Birthday Party on a Budget in Salt Lake City

Kids want to have a birthday party to celebrate their special day. Now if you are on a tight budget, you know how quickly the costs can add up when you start planning for your child’s birthday.

We like to keep birthday parties pretty low-key, but we still want to show our kids how special they are to us! Here are some of the ways we’ve kept costs down.

Money Saving Tips For Birthday Parties in Salt Lake City

  • Set a budget– This is the first and important thing you have to do – making the budget of your party. It is important as it will stop you from getting too excited and spending more money than you intended. Check out how much you can spend on the party in total and then divide the budget sheet into different parts like for entertainment, decoration etc. Check off which things you are willing to splurge on and then the things to budget on.
  • Place of party– Instead of spending money for an amusement park, play place and in any expensive party hall, consider organizing your party at home. You can book bounce houses rentals or set up carnival games in the backyard of your house to create an atmosphere which is favorable for kids.Place for Party
  • Limit the number of guests– Only invite your child’s friend, not the children they hardly know. Young children don’t always have the best social skills, so it is obvious that their friend circle will be limited.
  • Invitations– You can always make invitations with your own efforts instead of buying them. You can use your computer for making them or you can download and print many of the templates available on the internet. You can send these invites via email to your guests.
  • Theme of party– Don’t stick to a particular theme as it can be very costly. You can save money by having one color as your theme rather than a whole range of branded items. If the age of your kid is just 4 or 5 years, then there is no need to have an elaborate theme.
  • Decorations– Ask friends for help, or research online to find easy but nice decorations. Try to keep the decorations in one room for an impact, rather than decorating the whole house. If you want to reduce the cost, you can just only decorate the party table and the area around it. WoodyandBuzz2
  • Food– Make the cake at your home instead of buying it from a bakery shop. Make arrangements of your food by knowing the fact that children are usually so excited at the birthday parties they hardly eat much.Snow Cone- Popcorn Machine
  • Entertainment- . You might want to invest in the entertainment at your party, as entertainment is the soul of the party. You can have games at your party like pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey etc. You can also contact an entertainment company for this purpose, as they can provide you with magicians, clowns etc.

Ask All In Fun birthday party entertainers in Salt Lake City to throw a picture-perfect party your kids will remember for years to come!

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