Party Safe: How To Ensure Your Child’s Safety at Birthday Party

Party Safe: How To Ensure Your Child’s Safety at Birthday Party

Kids love birthday parties: whether it is their own party, their best friend’s or of their siblings. It allows them to get together with other kids for uninterrupted fun and games. Most children’s birthday parties are generally safe but accidents do happen. Some birthday party essentials like food and balloons can be a bit more dangerous than you may think. Therefore it is always better to be prepared.

Your child’s birthday party can be a wonderful experience if you take right steps to ensure that all your child’s friends and their parents present at the party are having a safe and enjoyable time. Here are some tips that will help you to make your party safe.

Tips that will ensure that your birthday party is safe


    At your party, avoid serving major allergens like peanuts or choking hazards such as hot dogs as food allergies and food poisoning are becoming quite common in children. Don’t put out snacks for grazing with children under age four. Make sure that all food is cooked thoroughly. Don’t forget to cover and refrigerate food and drinks until the children are ready to eat. Have the kids wash their hands before eating.

  • Emergency or first aid kits- If you plan a birthday party correctly, you will minimize the chance of anyone getting hurt. But kids will be kids and sometimes accidents are unavoidable. Therefore always prepare a first aid kit which should have ice, bandages, hot pads and Tylenol inside it. This way if anything does happen to any kid, you can take care of it immediately.
  • Bounce houses – If you have installed bounce house in your birthday party BasketballGame(replace)then there are certain things you have to take care of. Make sure that children are not taking jewelry, keys, cell phone, I-pods etc. with them in party bounce houses . Children should be careful not to bounce too crazily. Make sure each child safely exits the bottom of the slide before allowing another child use of slide.
  • Balloons- Balloons are anotheballborderr choking hazard. Imagine a situation: You are blowing up balloons for the party and when children will look at you, some ambitious one from them will also copy you and will put balloon in their mouth. There is a chance that they might inhale it in their throat, so use foil balloons instead of latex and supervise properly to prevent this situation.
  • Party decoration material- Decoration material of party can be choking hazard as well. Protect yourself by making sure that the decoration material of party is age appropriate. Make sure that the kids are not playing with party favors like marbles or cars with wheels. To avoid this situation, tell each parent to have an eye on their child.
  • Swimming pools- If you have swimming pool in your party have a tall fence around the pool, a childproof gate and a cover. Keep the pool small and make sure that there are always two adults present to supervise the children.swimming pool

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