Kids Birthday Party Planning Ideas Revealed By All In Fun

Kids Birthday Party Planning Ideas Revealed By All In Fun

BIRTHDAY PARTY: a word that can make any child happy. For any child’s self esteem, birthday parties are a great boost. They make them feel like kings or queens and it is one of the best gifts you can give them. Birthday parties are just like road trips as getting there is half the fun. But organizing a birthday party can make even a well- organized parent panic. A surprising number of details like deciding on the theme, decorations and activities need to be planned. But from where and how should you start? Here are some tips that will help you to smooth the way to your children birthday party entertainment.

Have You Decided: Which Kind of Party You will Have?

  • Venue- If your home or apartment is small and you inspected that your home or apartment is not suitable for a child’s party, then there are many other options available. You can book a place in a local park or kid- friendly restaurant. Take care that parties away from home usually work better for children over five as younger children can get disturbed because of unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Number of guests- This is important as this will confirm how much space you need in your venue.
  • Set the budget- This will decide how much are you spending on all of your decorations, theme and entertainment?
  • Theme- Ask your child to help you decide the theme. For younger children, you can have simple games in your party. But for older children you can have a theme based on a favorite book, character or game.
  • Time duration of the party- Always try to keep the party short. For preschool children, party of 90 minutes is sufficient. But for children of school age, parties should not be more than three hours. Always plan parties for the morning before nap time.

Take Next Steps

  • Start sending invitations- The invitations can be either store- bought or homemade and they should set the mood for the event. In addition to obvious information like date, time and directions, also include special details like dress code of the party in the invitation.
  • Decoration- Since atmosphere is everything, use a little creativity to set the scene. Set up a tent, pass out flashlights and decorate as much as you can.
  • Entertainment- Depending on the ages and attention of your guests you can choose entertainment. You can call a professional entertainer or set up small games for entertainment.
  • Organize help- Don’t hesitate to take help as your work will become much easier. You can ask your neighbor, friend, babysitter or of any relative.
  • Food- For birthday parties, you only need ice- cream and cake for refreshment as these are the focal point of many young children. Always have more than one flavor of ice cream as young children prefer ice cream over cake.

Party Planning Checklist

Party Checklist - all in funSource Party Checklist

The Party Day

  • Don’t worry too much- Save as much energy as you can. Don’t care if the bathroom is sparkling or not or the carpet is too clean.
  • Time of arriving of guests- You should have a video playing and the craft set should be ready.
  • Be easy- Enjoy your party as much as you can. There will be problems in the party like spilling of drinks etc. but you should deal with them and move on.

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