Bounce Houses and Inflatables: Play But With Safety

Bounce Houses and Inflatables: Play But With Safety

If you have children, then you must know about bounce houses. They have become an expected feature at children’s parties these days. No other party entertainment is as amusing as inflatable party rentals. They loved by kids ice cream cone on a summer day. Inflatable bouncers, such as bounce houses and moon walks, are popular at children’s birthday parties, summer carnivals, picnics and even weddings. They are a source of fun and entertainment for children. Let’s see why they are loved by kids and some of their benefits.

Benefits of Renting Bouncer Houses18_slide

  • For the fun and smiles on the face of the kids, bouncing houses are available in different shapes and sizes such as turtles, ducks etc. This sort of diversity can act as a source of recreational tool for kids.
  • The educational value of bouncer house is not as high as some other kid’s item but they play an important role in developing a child’s physique.
  •  Bouncer house make it possible for kids to exercise both their minds and bodies.
  • Jumping on a bouncer house is more effective physical exercise than the majority of workouts there.
  • They are made of a soft and high quality led- free material and offers a safe and secure playing option for the kids as they jump and fall on it.
  • They can be used to add a nice touch to almost any kind of event or occasion
    like a birthday party, social occasions, get together etc.

Some Precautions While using Bounce Housesside_kid

  • Each bounce house comes with a set of instructions. Read all the
    instructions carefully and follow the directions when it comes to
    assembling the inflatable bounce house.
  • Do not overload any inflatable. The maximum rider capacity should
    never be exceeded.
  • Do not use infaltables during the time of rain or excessive winds.
  • Limit bouncer use to children of age 6 years and older.
  • Keep in mind that the bouncer house is not a baby sitter. Therefore, an
    adult should be present there for observing the activities in the inflatable
    bounce house.
  • Shoes, eyeglasses, jewelry or any sharp object should be removed before
    entering in the bounce house.
  • Activities like rough housing, shoving, pushing, flipping over each other;
    wrestling etc should be prevented as they can cause injury.
  • Do not allow anyone to use inflatable when it is wet.
  • No food, drinks, gum, pets, silly string or confetti should be allowed in or
    on the inflatable.

Instructions for Safely Setting up a Bounce House Outsidedouble_new


  • Set up a bouncer on a flat surface. Do not set up bouncer on uneven surfaces,
    wet surfaces or surfaces with debris. If necessary, use a protective tarp to
    cover the surface underneath the inflatable.
  • Remove all rocks, sticks or objects from the ground before setting up the
  • Make sure of placing the bouncer away from tree branches or power lines.


  • Make sure that the room in which you are setting up bouncer, ceiling
    is several feet above the top of the bouncer.
  • Place the bouncer away from the walls.
  • Make sure that the bouncer is not blocking exits, lighting, fire
    extinguishers or other things.

When properly weighted down and used with a bit of caution,  Bounce House can be an excellent way for children to get exercise, fun and excitement.

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