Themed Birthday Parties Are the Way To Go!

Birthday parties celebrate children’s milestones in fun and enjoyable ways. For kids, birthday parties may be one of their most love memories of their childhood. If you have decided to throw you child a great birthday party, but don’t know how exactly to plan, we recommend centering the party on one theme. Choosing the theme makes things like decorating, choosing the games, venue, entertainment and even the food much easier to pull together. All In Fun has so many options, your party themes are endless: a list of characters to choose from such as pirates and mermaids, beloved Disney characters, many different inflatables, magicians, DJ’s, etc.

While choosing your theme, it could help if you asked the birthday boy/girl what they would like their party theme to be. By asking if they prefer magicians to clowns, caricature artists to face painting, bounce houses or slides, choosing the entertainment will be much easier. This teamwork will also make party planning a little more fun for both of you. Below are some great tips and ideas that will help you in deciding an excellent theme for your kid’s birthday party.

How to theme your birthday party!

  • Interests – Look for what your child really loves and what your child is passionate about for theme inspiration. If your child has an interest in painting and drawing then go with an art theme, and hire the artists, face painters, and balloon artists. If your child is obsessed with a certain movie or game, then they would certainly enjoy a visit from their favourite characters! All In Fun offers such a broad range of theme ideas, and fun party entertainment.Character Birthday Parties
  • Research – While choosing theme for your party, pulling ideas from other sources could greatly benefit your party planning mojo. Children’s magazines often have great party ideas, as do lifestyle blogs/things online. Because All In Fun entertainment is renowned and has been reviewed by sources such as NBC, and ABC, be sure to check out the extensive list of options.
  • Preferences – Preferences like favorite colors or food also plays an important role while choosing a theme for the party. If your child’s favorite color is red, and their favorite food is pancakes, maybe you could do a firefighter pancake breakfast party. The options are nearly limitless, really. If pink is the favorite color, then fairies could be a great way to incorporate that magical color.
  • Age – Age is an important factor to consider while choosing theme for your party. We all know that there is a   big difference in interests of a 4 year old boy and of a 9 years old boy. So to avoid unnecessary complications, consider the age of the child and guests and choose activities and entertainment appropriate for their age bracket.Amazing party entertainers from All in Fun.
  • Season – Yes, you can also choose your theme according to the season. If your child’s birthday falls in summertime, then you can have beach party theme (and an inflatable water slide will be a huge hit). If the birthday is in spring, then perhaps a garden party theme would be best. Choosing the theme to accommodate the season will make everyone to fully enjoy the party.

The theme of your child’s birthday party is important, and can help take your party planning stress down a notch or two. All In Fun   offers such a variety, we know we can help you with your party needs. Now go, have fun planning!

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