Know How to Make Invitation Cards for Your Child’s Birthday Party

Party invitations are the best way to communicate with your guests. But what if you forget to put important information on your party invitation? Whether it’s about location where the party will be organized or time when the party will start, leaving out even a single piece of detail can cause the guests to be confused. Undoubtedly, they can always call you and clear all their doubts but you want to make sure that every detail is included in the party invitation so that no one has to face any problem while coming in your party. Below are some tips that will help you in making invitation for your party and make sure that you have the perfect invitation for your party.clowns

Tips for Making Invitation Cards for Your Child’s Birthday Party

  • Information to Include in Your Invitation- You should include all this information in your invitation card-
  • Date- Always mention the day with the date. For example, Friday 15 June, 2016. Don’t change the date after sending invitations to all the guests or write wrong date in your invitation. Celebrate the birthday on the date mentioned in your invitation card.
  • Time- While writing time of your party in invitation, make sure to include the end time of the party also. For example – 4:00-6:00 pm. Start your party at the exact time included in your invitation.
  • Location- Be clear on the location of your party. It will be better if you draw a map about venue on the back of your invitation.
  • Name- Provide the name of your child and how old he is going to be. For example: Adam’s 9th birthday celebration!
  • RSVP- On the RSVP line, provide your name, phone number and e-mail address. Ask your guests to RSVP if they are not coming in your party.
  • Try to Mention Theme of Your Party in Party Invitation- Giving a proper description of theme of your party in your party invitation will help guests to know what to expect and how to dress-up for the party.
  • Don’t forget to Mention in the Invitation Card Whether the Parents are Allowed in the Party or Not- If you want the parents to attend your party then you can convey this message in your invitation like this- “Parents are welcome to attend the event”. If you don’t want the parents to attend your party then you can include this information in your invitation card like this- Please come at 5pm to pick up your child.

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