Tips For Planning a Winter Birthday Party

Organizing a winter birthday party can prove to be a difficult task. Not only does the weather sometimes get in the way of fun outdoor party activities, but you may also have to take into consideration the condition of roads on the day of your party. Below are some tips that will help you in throwing an amazing winter birthday party. All In Fun can help you throw an amazing party, no matter the weather.all-in-fun

Know how to make your Winter Birthday Party an Interesting one

  • Decide Venue for your Party- While choosing venue, take two things into consideration- Total number of guests coming in your party and the activities you are planning to organize in your party. Make sure that the venue is easy to reach for everyone and can organize party in any weather.
  • Make Snowflake Invitations- We all know that invitations set the mood for the party before it even begins. Therefore try to make your invitation interesting and according to the theme of your party. For winter birthday party, you can make snowflake invitations. First, cut snowflake from white paper. Make sure that there is enough space for writing. Write your party details on it and pack it in an envelope.
  • Decorate Venue for your Winter Party- Decorate your party according to winter theme. You can use snowflake or penguin themed garland, confetti and other decorations. Set up artificial trees and spray them with canned snow. You can use white or silver glitters to represent snow. Use white table covers to cover tables. Try to have everything white and blue in your party.
  • Entertainment- Hire party entertainers in salt lake city for winter parties can be a great move. All In Fun offers clowns, magicians, comedians and much more. Don’t worry about your entertainment-let All In Fun take care of it!
  • Organize Interesting Activities- You can organize activities like hockey game party, ice skating party. Making snowman and snow fights are other interesting activities. Carnival games from All In Fun are always a hit.

All In Fun is a great company to help you meet your party needs. They are dedicated to customer service and bringing only the best entertainment to their customers. Offering their customers a wide variety of entertainment for not only birthdays, but corporate events and weddings, All In Fun is prepared to help you throw the best parties around town!

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Choose the Best Bounce House For Your Party

Bounce houses are an ideal choice to keep children entertained at a party or any other event. They allow children to jump around and have fun. However, if you are not careful while renting a bounce house for your party or event, then your party can go sour very fast. For example what if your bounce house blows away when your party is going on?

Below are some important tips that every parent should follow before rushing out and renting the bounce house with your child’s favorite hero printed on it. All In Fun has professional technicians who install inflatables in salt lake city according to safety codes.

6 Things you should Consider while Renting a Bounce House

  • How many Children are Coming to Your Party? – It is important to choose the right size of your bounce house if you want to accommodate all the children coming to your party. Overcrowding a small bounce house can prove very dangerous for children. Therefore make sure that the bounce house you are renting has the capacity to accommodate all the children coming to your
  • Ages of Party Guests? – Ages of the children coming to your party will matter while renting a bounce house. Older children can get bored with bounce houses that are very small and younger children may not be able to enjoy on large bounce houses.
  • Which type of Bounce House You Want for Your Party?- If you think that bounce houses are just inflatables for bouncing up and down then you are wrong. Nowadays, they are available in different themes and designs. With so many options available, you should choose the one that best suits with your child’s choices and interests. For example if your child loves to take part in races then you should try to buy an obstacle course bounce house. All In Fun offers many different inflatables to choose from.bounse-houses-salt-lake-city
  • Venue of Your Party – You should make sure that the location of your party is suitable for installing a bounce house. Keep your bounce house away from fences to prevent it from any possible damage. Call All In Fun and ask them to visit your place and confirm whether the use of place is safe or not.
  • Cleanliness- Make sure that the bounce house rental company you are choosing, follows every cleanliness and hygiene standards. All In Fun is run by professionals and maintains the highest cleanliness standards.
  • Insurance of the Company- All In Fun is licensed and insured, and all technicians are as well.

All In Fun is focused on great customer service and bringing the best entertainment to their customers. Call today or browse the website to find out how All In Fun can make your party unforgettable.

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Know How to Make Invitation Cards for Your Child’s Birthday Party

Party invitations are the best way to communicate with your guests. But what if you forget to put important information on your party invitation? Whether it’s about location where the party will be organized or time when the party will start, leaving out even a single piece of detail can cause the guests to be confused. Undoubtedly, they can always call you and clear all their doubts but you want to make sure that every detail is included in the party invitation so that no one has to face any problem while coming in your party. Below are some tips that will help you in making invitation for your party and make sure that you have the perfect invitation for your party.clowns

Tips for Making Invitation Cards for Your Child’s Birthday Party

  • Information to Include in Your Invitation- You should include all this information in your invitation card-
  • Date- Always mention the day with the date. For example, Friday 15 June, 2016. Don’t change the date after sending invitations to all the guests or write wrong date in your invitation. Celebrate the birthday on the date mentioned in your invitation card.
  • Time- While writing time of your party in invitation, make sure to include the end time of the party also. For example – 4:00-6:00 pm. Start your party at the exact time included in your invitation.
  • Location- Be clear on the location of your party. It will be better if you draw a map about venue on the back of your invitation.
  • Name- Provide the name of your child and how old he is going to be. For example: Adam’s 9th birthday celebration!
  • RSVP- On the RSVP line, provide your name, phone number and e-mail address. Ask your guests to RSVP if they are not coming in your party.
  • Try to Mention Theme of Your Party in Party Invitation- Giving a proper description of theme of your party in your party invitation will help guests to know what to expect and how to dress-up for the party.
  • Don’t forget to Mention in the Invitation Card Whether the Parents are Allowed in the Party or Not- If you want the parents to attend your party then you can convey this message in your invitation like this- “Parents are welcome to attend the event”. If you don’t want the parents to attend your party then you can include this information in your invitation card like this- Please come at 5pm to pick up your child.

All In Fun wishes you to host the best parties and events and is interested in helping you achieve this. Offering many different types of entertainment and games, ideas for party entertainment , it would be best to browse the website and see what you can schedule!

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Top 5 Tips For Great Birthday Party

So, there’s a birthday you’re planning for! If you have decided to book a children’s entertainer for your next birthday party, there are a few things to consider. First, decide which kind of entertainer you want: a magician, clown, princess, or another kind of character. After deciding the type of entertainer and theme of your party, start looking for the right entertainer for your party. All In Fun has just the solutions for your entertainment needs! This task is not as easy as it sounds as there are hundreds of options to choose from.

Carnival games and bounce houses can be fun addition to your child’s birthday party, but sometimes you want to give your child something extra special to celebrate the day. Birthday Party Entertainers like magicians, clowns and balloon artists can make the birthday of your child a memorable one and ensure that guests have a wonderful time. Here are some things which you should consider while choosing entertainer for your birthday party.

Things To Consider

  • Budget- It can be very easy to go over-budget when it comes to planning of your child’s birthday party. All In Fun PartyTherefore before you start looking for entertainer for your child’s party, first think of how much you can afford to pay.
  • Theme- What is the theme of the party? Are you going with a superhero theme, or a carnival theme, or perhaps a princess theme? You can center your entertainment and decorations around the theme, to make it easier to plan and manage.
  • Age – Many entertainers have age limits and it is usually best to stay within these. If they don’t tell a particular age then it is best to let them know the age of children attending the party so that the party can be modified accordingly.


  • Venue- Is the party indoors or outdoors? Much space, or little space? All In Fun offers entertainment for both indoor and outdoor events. Bounce Houses Rentals and water games for a nice summer party, and DJ’s, magicians, and indoor games for the enclosed parties.bounce houses
  • Contract- A contract should be made so that everything is very clear between both of you. All In Fun will have no problem with providing a contract, so don’t hesitate to ask for one. Make sure that all pertinent information is included in the contract.

All In Fun offers many solutions for your party needs. Contact today to plan an epic birthday party!

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Party Planning: Things You Need To Know

Planning a party shouldn’t be stressful. By staying organized and starting early, you can plan, create and organize a memorable party with ease. While planning for the event, keep in mind that the guests will enjoy it, even if the planning wasn’t perfect. Below are some important things you need to know while planning a birthday party, reception, or corporate event. All In Fun offers many different options for corporate and birthday parties.

Party Tips In Salt Lake City

  • Before Booking Venue, Decide number of Guests Coming in Your Party- Before deciding the place Amazing party entertainers from All in Fun.where you will have your party, it is important that you should decide number of guests coming in your party. If the venue you have decided is small for the number of people attending the party then you will have to arrange more tables and chairs at the last moment, and if the venue is too large for the number of people attending the party then your party will feel empty.



  • Choose Theme of Your Party- While choosing theme of your party, consider the things you or your guests love, and the type of events. Company barbecue? Try some fun outdoor activities. Reception? Consider a DJ or party organize
  • Choose Entertainment Company Wisely- While choosing entertainment company, make sure that the entertainment company is able to provide all types of entertainment services as this will minimize your pressure of tackling different companies for different entertainment purposes. For example the company should be able to provide Bounce Houses Rentals as well as music DJ, balloon artist etc. All In Fun offers quality services for so many different event types.
  • Set Timing of Your Party – The time of the day you choose to begin your party depends on whether you want to serve a party meal or you want to serve the cake only. If your plan is to serve a meal in the party then you can start the party between 11:00 am to 12:30 pm or 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm. On the other side,  if  you want to serve cake only then start your party one hour after traditional meal time.

DJ’s, magicians, comedians, carnival games: All In Fun offers these entertainment options and much more. Whether you are hosting a corporate event, or a child’s birthday party, you will be able to host an amazing, and unforgettable event. Call All In Fun to being planning your event!

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