7 New Party Activities That’ll Drive Kids Wild

There are a number of ways parents can provide excitement to a kids birthday party. Creativity is key when thinking of ways to enhance the party going experience for kids at a birthday party. One misconception is thinking that a kids birthday party has to be an expensive affair. With the right ideas and an imagination, a kids birthday party can be more fun than you ever imagined. If you’ve been trying to think of ways to make your kids birthday party more exciting, try using one of the ideas below for your next party:

  1. An Impromptu Puppet Show
    Puppets are an easy, creative way to make a party more memorable for young kids. If done properly, the puppets can double as goody-bags. All it takes is socks, pipe cleaners, eyes and any other additional art supplies you can think of. If you have a larger group of kids, this could serve as a great method to get start the party on a high note.
  2. Treasure Hunts
    A treasure hunt could serve as an ideal activity for a kids birthday party. With the proper backstory and the right objects to serve as treasures, this could be the perfect idea to make the party more memorable for everyone involved. Additionally, a treasure hunt can drain the kids of energy faster than you might expect.
  3. DIY Photobooth
    A DIY photobooth is a great last-second idea for a kids birthday party. Taking photos is one of the biggest hobbies that kids have these days. All you need is a cardboard box to serve as a makeshift booth and means of taking a photo. A polaroid would be ideal, but a laptop or cell phone would likely work just fine. This could become even more of an enjoyable experience if you provide the kids with props and dress-up materials. A DIY photobooth would also take up a considerable amount of time. This should definitely be taken into consideration as an option for kids birthday party entertainment.
  4. Obstacle Course
    An obstacle course can provide great entertainment for a kids birthday party. All you need to do is make sure there’s enough space for everyone to participate. Try to add a goofy or playful element to the course to make it more fun for everyone involved.
  5. Potato Sack Races
    Similar to an obstacle course, potato sack races are a great way to get kids to step outside of their comfort zone by trying something they may have never done before. All it takes is a few king-sized pillow cases or potato sacks and some open space for all the competitors. A potato sack race is also great exercise for the participants.
  6. Squirt Gun Painting
    Squirt gun painting is a great way to make sure all the party attendees leave with a souvenir to take home. This allows kids to express creativity and bond with each other in a non conventional way. Squirt gun painting doesn’t require actual water guns, as plastic spray bottles typically work just fine. If you’re looking for a new arts & craft based activity, squirt gun painting is a great option.
  7. Egg Races
    Egg races are somewhat traditional, but young kids may not have had the opportunity to partake in one. Simply buy a pack of eggs from a grocery store and provide plastic spoons for the races. Soon enough the participants will be focused on emerging victorious in one of the most unique birthday party events they’ve taken part in.

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